Why companies are banking on design?

by chee Leng (on coffee makers)

Bodum BISTRO pourover

Bodum BISTRO pourover

Yesterday, I was wondering the reach of Bunn Phase Brew with its Good Design award, and today I saw another article on Bodum BISTRO pour over coffee machine.

Again, the emphasis is on great design. It looks good, and similar to Bunn Phase Brew, it allows user to see the entire brewing process.

Are companies banking on design to widen the reach and lift up their sales?

There are reasons why that two different companies have adopted an almost similar approach:

1. Seeing the entire brewing process: Folks are paying up to $12 per cup of coffee in gourmet coffee shop to see how their coffee are drip or "vacuum" into their cups.

And with so many gourmet coffee shops opening around the world, it is no wonder that companies might be thinking that "hey, maybe letting the users see the brewing process could be key to getting them buy our products"

2. After iMac, that sells so many PC with its sleek design. Companies realises the importance of having great design.

Of course, design in the case of iMac was what attracts the consumers, following that they are awed by the ease of use and the great functionality.

I have no doubt that the two pointers in some ways impact the Bunn and Bodum as they research, designed and launched their two machines.

And as cite in the Bunn Phase Brew article, it is not easy to compete in today's very saturated coffee machine market.

You need a unique selling point and seriously every possible advantage that can be use, is used. So, companies have to come out with new innovation.

However, if you are too innovative, i.e. temperature or pressure control, you tend to drive up the price that would alienate the mass market.

Thus, design is the easiest and safest route to take.

My $0.02

I have no doubt that this would bring about an uplift in the sales of Bodum as they have a very strong following and there are still folks that swear by drip coffee brewing.

But, I do not think that by having this design they would impact much of the changes that are on going in the market.

At this point, single serve is the machine for home consumers and it is likely to remain so until another great concept comes along.

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