This cuppa might be coming from Australia soon!

by chee Leng (on coffee makers)

Coffee grown in Australia?

Coffee grown in Australia?

This is because they might have discovered a native wild coffee beans in Australia. Known by the scientific name of coffea brassii, identified by Dr Aaron Davis in the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Nothing is firm yet, they have not even tried if this plant contains caffeine. An expedition is organized to Laura (the place where it is found) to find a living specimen.

If it is confirm that this is a coffee plant, it would be the first to be found wild outside of coffee original location of Ethiopia, in Africa.

Scientists is hopeful, and if they can find evidences of this coffee beans being brewed, crushed or eaten by the Aborigines, then it would really meant that this coffee bean is native and not brought in by traders.

Australia is a big in coffee consumption and has a very active coffee culture with many cafes. Having a coffee that is truly their own should be interesting to the coffee community there.

My $0.02. Who knows, the evidence of a coffee plant and the ability to grow coffee in Australia by be a way to bring down the high prices of coffee beans.

In fact, another new variants is anything but bad, there is new flavor, new blend and probably even new drinks that can be based on this new variants.

The sad part is of course, none of this confirmed until the scientists make that expedition out and find the living specimen.

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by: Anonymous

Coffee is one of those drinks that majority of the people love to drink. The coffee beans are produced in many countries of the world and Australia is one of those where the coffee has been found and was identified by a doctor.

Australian native Coffee
by: Peter Brawn

Interesting comment on the so called native coffee plant found in Leura, if it is. We do have a flourishing to some extent, coffee growing region in the north of Queensland.
I say flourishing but if you were to ask a number of roasters in Australia about the industry they would tell you that there is little call for Australian coffee at present past or future due to the high cost of production and the fact that most coffee plantations are value adding at point of sale so little if any green bean flows into the market place.

To say that this new strain would open up new market share is bold as we all know it would be years before any type of commercial production would yeild any workable/useful quantities, but hey we can dream right..

Lets see what the scientists have to say first before we go opening our new coffee franchise.

Cheers Peter
Brawn Trading Company PLC.
Sydney Australia

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