The danger of coffee vending machines?

by chee Leng (on coffee makers)

lead in coffee vending machine?

lead in coffee vending machine?

I am a advocate for vending machine (mainly because I used to sell them) largely because they served consistent coffee all the time.

We all loves gourmet specialty coffee from that coffee shop down the corner, but we all know how it can be subjected to the mood of the baristas.

If he is happy, the coffee is great, otherwise, it could be burn or watery.

So, to me coffee vending machine is great. Serving great coffee (to me at least) every single time.

But, a measurement carried out by Karolinska Institutet in Sweden might change all these. They found out that the lead level in the water is dangerous for human consumption.

The acceptable limit in the water is 10mg per liter of water but they found 150 mg per liter for the coffee vending machine.

While more random test is being done to determine if it is due to a single make of machine or across all types of machine, authorities are asking all vending machine companies to check their lead level.

I believe this is likely to spread to other countries especially in Europe and then US.

Once, that happens, the first thing that consumer would felt is the increase in cost for their vending machine ingredients due to additional step to ensure their safety.

In addition, I believe a few make of vending machines that are not able to meet the standard might be recalled.

Having regular check is good and in fact even better for the consistency of vending machine coffee. One drawback about vending machine is the lack of maintenance, leading to pests infestation in the machine.

While cost might go up if this situation is really happening across all vending machine, at least there are job creation and the standard of vending machine would go up.

MY $0.02.

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Thank you for clarification
by: Chee Leng (oncoffeemakers)

Thank you for the clarification, this would no doubt clears the air on the "danger of vending machine".

Best regards

Chee Leng

Coffee machines are safe
by: Arnaud van Amerongen

Vending machines, like restaurant machines or retail coffee makers all have to comply to laws and regulations. Thus is perfectly safe. The case is Sweden is one machine only that happened to be in an institue, Karolinska, that is well known for its laboratory. They analysed this one machine by their own procedures. To measure migration values of certain metals or plastics however into hot water has to be done according to agreed European procedures. Or NSF in the USA. Obviously the incoming water, its temperature and the possible type of filtration all have an affect too. The Swedish and European Vending Association (EVA) have taken this case very seriously and have demonstrated that nothing is wrong.
So everyone can safely continue to enjoy his or her daily coffee from machines and the convenience of the wide choice of speciality drinks that the latest technology machines are offering nowadays.

Arnaud van Amerongen

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