Thank You for Subscribing, here is what you need to do

First of all, thanks for subscribing to our services.

1. What you need to do next is to email us a photo of your product and services that you want to be profile.

If you have a banner then that would be even better.

The size should be no larger than 300 X 250 pixel.

If you just send us a photo, please write a short copy of no more than 12 characters for us to insert into the photo (this is a simple art layout service we provide FOC).

2. Remember to send us the url that you want this profile to be linked to.

3. Choose 3 pages that you would want your profile showcase, we would advised on the availability (in the event all 3 are not available, you would have to choose again).

4. Send all these information to:

Depending on demand, it would take no more than 48 hours for your profile to be up.

You would received an email once your profile is up.

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