Picture tells a thousand words and is worth 1 Billion dollars!

by chee Leng (on coffee makers)

Picture tells a thousands words

Picture tells a thousands words

Folks, is your cafe or coffee shop using any images in their marketing? Most likely.

You would have used images of delicious food in your menu, flyers and most POS to entice customers.

Now, with the 1 billion dollars purchase of instagram, Facebook is highlighting the importance of using images.

Prior to that, I have written an article for F&B business to consider using Pinterest, currently the fastest growing social media platforms.

And as I think back, images have always been important.

Many years ago, there was this term known as vertical search. This meant the search for photos, and how to positioned your photos for the search engine.

So, serving the right images have always been important. And if you script your image and served it with flash, then you might be missing some of the action.

But, now with this 1 billion dollar move by Facebook, I forsee that there are going to be many more changes (positive ones) to the image sharing market.

With competition, comes innovation and all these can only benefit me and you, cafe or coffee shop owners.

Facebook is making such a big purchase probably to own a photo sharing platform that can ride on "Pinterest" mania.

I am also sure that Facebook would be tuning and making it better and easier for everyone to be using instagram.

For Pinterest, I am sure they wouldn't be sitting around waiting for instagram to take their traffic away, they would also be adding features and making
Pinterest better.

My $0.02

With all these improvements, moving forward we are going to find it is easier to share images and connect with our targeted audience.

Article was and still is the main currency of the digital marketing. But, currently with video and images having more platforms, doors are opening for folks that do not know how to write to convert.

Marketing your food and beverages just became easier. You take a shot of the delicious coffee, or beautiful breakfast set and then share it on Pinterest.

You would need a content strategy and consistency to be successful in using any of the "photo" strategy.

A content strategy is very much like TV programming. TV station definitely knows what they would be screening on Wednesday or even next Thursday.

In the same manner, you would need to know and even prepare the images that you would be sharing on a daily basis.

For example, if you are sharing a breakfast image that feature chicken sausage, then you should be selling chicken sausage for that particular day.

To sum it up, images and sharing it is becoming more important. So, if you have not, then signed up and start using Pinterest or download instagram apps.

And to gather momentum, you would need to share on a daily basis, this would ensure that your coffee shop are selling what you are posting.

Lastly, do remember, that all these are known as social media. So, have fun, while gossiping and buzzing about your food and coffee!

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