Origins of the Perfect Brew

by Laura
(UK )

Flavia coffee machine

Flavia coffee machine

Ever wondered what makes that lovely, perfect cup of tea or coffee? This subject has been a great global debate for centuries.

The origins of the perfect brew must begin at the very source – right where your cup of tea or coffee begins its life.

Where your coffee beans and tea leaves have been sourced is every bit as important as the type of water you use or how long you leave your tea bag brewing.

For coffee lovers, choosing a brand that you can rely on for its expertise in roasting is essential to ensure you can enjoy every drink.

For example, FLAVIA uses an innovative approach to sealing its coffee beans to ensure over 200 hidden flavours, aromas and notes are released in every cup.

For tea lovers, brands that understand the importance of careful picking, drying and blending can give you peace of mind that you’ll have a great tasting brew whenever you want one.

Once you’ve got your tea or coffee, where do you go from there? Some top tips for getting the perfect brew include:

• Store your tea or coffee in an air tight container, otherwise they deteriorate fast and loose their lovely flavour and aroma.

• Always use fresh, filtered water to give your drink the best taste possible.

• Clean out your kettle every so often, you don’t want what’s lurking at the bottom of the kettle spoiling your lovely cup of tea or coffee.

• Use the right cup for your tea or coffee – a thick, tall mug or cup will help retain heat.

• Some people recommend putting the milk in before the tea or coffee, others argue you can better gauge how much you need at the end. You decide on this one.

• Never reheat your tea or coffee! Once brewed, organic materials start to break down, and your drink will taste rather bitter.

Not everyone has the time to figure out how to make the perfect brew. Thankfully, brands such as FLAVIA have taken the guesswork and mess out of trying to achieve the perfect cup of tea or coffee.

The technology in a FLAVIA office coffee machine ensures that you get a fresh, hot and perfect cup of tea or coffee every time – and all at the touch of a few buttons.

With over a quarter of a century of experience and tasted by thousands of people, with the FLAVIA office coffee machine you can be assured you’ll get a wonderfully perfect brew each and every time.

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