Obama or Romney? No matter who you vote -7 eleven wins!

by chee leng-Oncoffeemakers

7 election Obama Romney 2012

7 election Obama Romney 2012

I will probably vote for Obama, and so I will be buying the red cup from 7 eleven. What about you?

Actually, that is not important. What is important, is many people will be buying either the red or blue cups in support of their candidate!

And because of that, 7 Eleven gets to sell many more cup of coffee.

I really like this campaign (as in the marketing campaign). This is such a smart way to market your coffee.

Currently, on the 7 eleven home page, Obama is leading (check it up, it updates in real time). Every time anyone buys a cup, the stats get updated.

I think the US folks are pretty feverish when it comes to election and will go all out to show their support.

So, now that Romney is lagging, I am sure a lot of his supporters will buy a cup to support him.

In a way, it might reflect the real election results. But, that is not important to me. What is important is without doing any discounts, give-away, premiums, 7 eleven gets to sell more coffee.

And in a fun way too.

In addition, it probably get a lot of media exposure as well. (Hey, right now what you are reading is one bloke all the way in Singapore writing about it!)

My $0.02

It goes to show that successful campaign need not be always about giving discounts, freebies or bundle deals.

This 7-election shows that simply by capitalizing on what people's interest will do tremendous good to your coffee business.

In addition, by capitalizing on the most talked about issue, you get a lot of media coverage.

I do not think 7 Eleven need to go to great length to promote this 7-election, the only investment they need to make is probably the website and the cups.

They have a great story, a story that is close to many of their customers' heart. This is the type of story that people will not only buy into (guess if someone wants to buy a coffee, might as well get it from 7 Eleven, and up the stats for my choice presidential candidate), it is also a story that will get talked and shared aplenty.

I do not know if they will release actual figures of coffee sold during this period, but I believe the overall sales for 7 Eleven is going for a very strong uplift.

So, which cup will you buy?:)

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