Nuova Simonelli Appia @ FS Café! | Republic Polytechnic

by KKT

I saw an online review about FS Café at Republic Polytechnic in Woodlands and decided to experience for myself. Address: Republic Polytechnic, Woodlands Ave 9, SIT@RP, S738964.

It looks like any ordinary school canteen but it has air-con. The wall is beautifully decorated with fake grass with the FS initial. The food & drinks prices are a bit higher compared to canteen prices but reasonable for cafes setting.

I tried their Black Coffee at $4.20. The coffee taste is too mild for my personal liking. I understand coffee taste is very subjective and some reviews of their coffee are excellent.

Black Coffee $4.20 / Cold $5.80
Espresso $3.80 single, $7.60 double
Cappuccino $5.80 / Cold $6.80
Latte $5.80 / Cold $6.80
Chocolate $5.80 / Cold $6.80

Machine: Nuova Simonelli Appia, 2 Group Semi-Automatic
Online Price: $6,165.00

If you read until here, then you must be prepared to grab a cuppa soon. If you are keen to check up some free coffee, you can click and follow the link for more information! Enjoy your coffee!

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