Nestle make a single serve machine for the babies!!

by chee Leng (on coffee makers)



Hoping to replicate the success of their Nespresso machine, Nestle launches babynes, a single serve machine that targets the baby!

What -is Nestle not worried about all the NGOs coming after them for targeting the young and selling coffee to them!

Don't worry, while they replicate the Nespresso model, what Nestle is doing is using the single serve to dispense milk instead of coffee.

Even then, it attracts various NGOs, including WHO to comment that it is best to breastfeed and Nestle is not doing its part to support breastfeeding.

Of course, Nestle logic is not all mummies want or is able to breastfeed, thus a single serve machine that can make milk easily.

My $0.02.

I personally do not think this babynes would work. Here are some of my thoughts:

1. While I do not have a full understanding of the machine, it seems to be that a milk bottle is still required.

And it making milk, the tough part is in washing the milk bottle, it is never about making the milk.

So what if I can save the hassle of making the milk, saving a few seconds, but I still need to wash the milk bottle.

2. It is expensive. It is retailing at SFR 55 for 26 capsules, which make it SFR 2.1 per capsules that is many times the current price.

And that is before taking into consideration the cost of the machine which cost SFR 249.

Pretty stuff to be feeding your baby, when breastfeeding is free.

In contrast, Nespresso, Dolce Gusto or the Special T from Nestle solves a problem that plagues coffee drinkers.

The need to regularly wash the machine, dispose the coffee grounds, maintain the machine. It solves problems yet at the same time is able to dispense good quality coffee.

At the moment, I do not think babynes is able to do that. And while parents want the best for their kids, SFR2.1 is steep for a feed that for all we know might be vomited out or simply refused.

We all know how fussy eaters these little folks are, don't we?

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Thanks for the comments and here is some more
by: Chee Leng (oncoffeemakers)

This is a system for Babies, but after the ban by WHO that lasted 10 years, I do not think Nestle would go into advertising for mothers with babies below 1 year of age.

In fact, I remembered that all their advert would not target babies below 1 years of age.

Do not know about the Brazil case, I think it is another case of unethical marketing in order to generate profits -a marketing that do not add value but harm the consumers.

This would not last long and harms the reputation of the company.

My $0.02

Exquisite idea
by: Ricardo

I am a completely ignorant about this new product and have never seen something like it down here. But I still remember when Nestle launched a huge marketing propaganda in Brazil, telling mother´s NOT to breastfeed their babies and feed them with Nestlé powder milk instead as soon as possible. Can you imagine the large disaster on newborn babies less than six month old being feed on it in an emergent country? So, I will be looking for as much information as I can get before giving you my opinion on such exquisite idea. Best regards.

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