Nespresso Zenius coffee machine is all about business!

by chee leng-Oncoffeemakers

Nespresso Zenius

Nespresso Zenius

What is the most annoying thing about office coffee machine? Machine breakdown and no coffee!

And that is why any office manager when getting a coffee maker for their office would check the maintenance contract and the turn around time.

Nespresso Zenius is all designed for this maintenance issue. In its press release, Nespresso highlight the remote connectivity between Zenius and its customer relationship centeR that would answer all "customers' needs".

While, it is not very specific, I take that as maintenance and order issue because in another section, Nespresso promises on day technical check and within 48 hours delivery for capsules.

Other feature that is very pro business inclues, the 35 seconds brewing. We all know that coffee break is short in office, and fast turn around is key.

This Nespresso Zenius is fast, usual single serve coffee machine takes between 45 to 60 seconds for a cuppa.

Then, there is the energy saving feature. Almost all electrical equipment comes with this feature. Other than being green, it saves money for the company.

Zenius is available in many parts of the world including Asia Pacific but the remote connectivity is not activated in many countries, such as Singapore.

I find that to be a waste because that is one key feature that would really differentiate Nespresso from the competition.

My $0.02

The launch of Nespresso Zenius in UK and the much marketing buzz that goes with it, is a good move by Nespresso.

With so many compatible products (ECC, Nexpod, Capsulin, Sara Lee) in the market and Nespresso getting nowhere with its legal suits, Zenius features differentiate itself from the competition.

And offering connectivity to its customer service is one way to get customer to stick with Nespresso rather than other products.

One sore element is the pricing. At current price point, even with exceptional customer service, customer would still twice before going back to Nespreso for ordering.

Perhaps, Nespresso should rethink about rewarding customers for their loyalty?

So, would you pay for a coffee that is 30-50% higher in price that comes with every goods service?

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