Nespresso launched the Hawaii Kona Special Reserve!

by chee leng-Oncoffeemakers

Nespresso Kona Reserve

Nespresso Kona Reserve

Nespresso just launched a new flavor and I must say this is a flavor that many coffee lovers will look forward to -Hawaii Kona!

For those that has tasted Kona, you will know that it is rare to taste 100% Kona, most come as part of a blend, and that is the reason why there is this "10% Kona".

A good comparison on the rarity and scarcity of Kona would be this: There are 9 million packs of coffee from Colombia but only 40 000 packs from the Hawaii island that produces the Kona Coffee beans.

(Note: just thinking about this makes me wonder if I can get one in Singapore?)

Launching just before Black Friday in US is bound to boost up Nespresso capsules and to some extent machines sales.

This will really cement Nespresso as the "Go to" company if one is looking for good coffee.

Recently, Keurig partner with Lavazza to launched the Rivo Cappuccino and Latte system, Starbucks launches its Versimo system.

They all have a new product to market, and now Nespresso come out with this new line of capsules.

It is interesting that Nespresso is focusing on coffee, instead of machines like the rest of the single serve coffee companies.

Here is my $0.02 on it

The strength of Kona

Developing and marketing Kona coffee is in Nespresso advantage. Firstly, it is well known as a good and rare coffee.

It will capture people attention and promising it at 100% Kona and throw in the sophisticated roasting method to seal in the flavor will lower the barriers to purchase.

Coffee lovers will be interested to try out the flavor.


It seems that this flavor is primarily aimed at the US market. Touting this as the only coffee that is grown on US ground will get Nespresso some nationalistic folks that will purchase it.

Personally, I think even people that do not know about this coffee will be interested to try it out.


I think Nespresso is developing its positioning into one that is focus on good coffee. Most single serve promises variety.

Nespresso is the only one that only do coffee.

By marketing this flavor and maybe more to come, it is building its credentials as a company that is focus on good coffee.

Now, Nespresso has played its cards, I wonder what other interesting developments is coming from the rest of the single serve coffee companies...

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