Kona Coffee - The Taste of Hawaii

by David

Kona coffee is the term used for a variety of coffee exclusively grown on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa.

These are places in the Kona Districts located in the Big Island of Hawaii.

This type of coffee is basically a mainstay and highly preferred blend for coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts who are into premium and high grade coffee.

Best Buy From Hawaii For 100% Pure Kona

Take note that there are lots of Kona blends in the market today however you must be very careful in choosing 100% Kona brews. In Hawaii where it originally came from, the blend is required to be honestly disclosed on the package to determine if it is really 100% high quality. Thus, if you are looking for 100% pure and roasted Kona, you must basically look for those packaged from the farms in Hawaii and nothing less.

Get Quality By Buying Hawaiian

This is the surefire way of getting world-class coffee brews with the Kona distinct taste and flavor. Hawaii has packaging laws which demand for prominent disclosure of the content of their product especially Kona coffee. Hence, is it possible that you could buy lower quality Kona java if you buy it elsewhere?

Watch Out Lower Kona Content In Other Coffees

Kona are high quality, premium and high grade coffee varieties that is why it is considered a rare and very expensive type. This is exactly one of the reasons why when you buy Kona java from retailers, you only get 10% of Kona and 90% of other coffee varieties. Most retailers mix this high grade coffee with 90% of lower grade or quality coffee and they usually term it as manna.

Hawaiian Soil
Offers The Best Growing Conditions

The production of Kona coffee beans requires precious time, effort and money because of its very difficult and meticulous methods of production. This coffee variety is only amenable to a particular type of environment which only the places in Hawaii are conducive and could provide. The rich soil quality of the Mauna Loa and Hualalai in Hawaii along with its perfect growing conditions work hand in hand to produce and grow this rare and high end coffee variety.

Best Kona Comes At A Premium Price

There are various ways on how you could enjoy the perfect Kona blend without getting tricked or mislead by those who offer Kona java but only have a minimal 10% of it in their blend. Unfortunately, this is a trend in the coffee industry that must be given attention so that you get what you actually paid for. Do not be fooled by the cheap and affordable prices of coffee that tells you they have 100% pure Kona contents.

Certified Kona Offers The Best Cup

If you want to have control and assurance over the quality of java you purchase, you could experiment and make your own brew. Through this you could control the price, taste and everything with your cup of Kona blend. However, if you have the money, you could certainly avail certified Kona coffee producers and retailers who offer the best quality brews and coffee beans.

Kona java is undoubtedly one of the most heavenly treats for coffee lovers and connoisseurs. Learn and understand the surest ways to get the purest blends and enjoy world-class coffee today.

avid is a guest writer from CoffeeFacts.Org. For more coffee information please visit today!

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