Just a normal kopitiam in a normal shopping center

by KC

Wang Cafe in Novena Square 2

Wang Cafe in Novena Square 2

Which is my favorite coffee shop in Singapore (or more popularly known as Kopitiam), this is really a tough question.

I mean there are probably thousands of them spread across Singapore, all touting the best coffee and featuring some mean dishes -how does one decide one over another?

To each his own, but to me, comfort and space is very important. And my choice is this very usual Wang Cafe in NOvena Square 2 shopping mall.

There is nothing special about it. The coffee is nice not great, the mee siam is okay, but there is always space for us a family of 5 and it is not too noisy.

I guess in the end, it is the experience of drinking coffee and having food. I have been to "famous places" to have food that had me wait for an hour or the attitude is totally bad.

To me, having a bad experience is not worth the trip much less my money. Why would one pay for bad services and also bad experience.

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I noticed in this site that there are many articles on best coffee, nicest place, cool experience, I agree with the last pointer.

Experience is key when it comes to having coffee, I do not mind having an instant coffee if the crowd is good and the atmosphere is relaxed.

My, why am I talking so much about my own preferences when all I am supposed to say is this Wang Cafe? Guess, I got too carried away.

They used to be known as Wang Jiao, but don't know why a couple of years ago, changed their name to Wang. The branding is more sleek, but I prefer the older branding, somehow there is more authenticity.

It is at the ground floor of Novena Square 2, although there are not much crowd, I think the business should be not too bad.

Another of such a kaya toast cafe, Killiney recently just folded their business, and Wang remains, and that is the reason why I say that their business should be pretty okay.

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