I think Bunn Is Better than Saeco Coffee Machine

by Charles

Bunn Coffee Machine

Bunn Coffee Machine


I like coffee makers made by Bunn. It keeps the next pot of coffee water hot using a low power heater in the tank in waiting for you to start the next brew cycle.

The coffee basket is so easy to access, the basket filters are easy to fill (unlike some cone or swivel baskets) and easy to empty.

I just pour in the new water (I do 5 cups at a time), put the carafe in place and activate the warmer plate ... in less than 2 minutes the coffee is completely done.

Bunn's customer service is excellent, I called for a restricter to slow down the coffee brewer so I can get a stronger result and it arrived within a few days no questions asked.

One more thing, this machine makes coffee well, that's it. It doesn't beep at you, it doesn't tell the time, it doesn't need a programming guide, it just makes coffee. That's all I want from my coffee maker!


I think they make very good coffee makers. The display is easy to use and for the first time I am actually programing for our morning coffee to be ready when we awake.

The size does not take up unneeded space and it has great style and eye appeal. I love the blue display and how the maker looks on the counter. It is easy to clean and work.

Two issues: first the hour display reverts to "00" during the brew cycle and I went through three pots and had the same issue; second I like stronger coffee and this lovely little maker does not make the really strong coffee I personally like, however my husband does not like my stronger coffee so he is enjoying the maker.

I am keeping the pot even with the "00" hour display during the brew cycle, disappointed with by it but like the maker enough to over look this.

Overall, I think the Bunn Coffee Machine outdid the Saeco Coffee Machine based on overall ease of use.

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