I really love to use my cory vacuum coffee makers

by Kim

Cory Coffee Makers

Cory Coffee Makers

I really love to use my cory vacuum coffee makers! First of all, I like using vacuum coffee makers to be able to have a strong and full flavored coffee.

Everytime I make coffee in an electric coffee maker, the flavor tends to be bland.

But upon using my cory vacuum coffee makers, I was instantly hooked on using it. Even my wife loved this coffee maker.

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Oct 09, 2017
Be sure to put the water in the right place! NEW
by: Siasconset

Not sure if you still have that Cory after all this time, but you must start with the water in the base (bottom) carafe! The top is only for fresh, dry ground coffee. If you have a tight fit between the parts, the steam of the boiling water in the bottom will force water up through the center and past the filter into the coffee (top), where it will steep for a few minutes. Once you remove the whole thing from the heat, the steam shrinks/condenses and the coffee in the top is sucked down into the bottom carafe.
There are other (maybe better) demos on YouTube too.

Aug 23, 2015
Nothing bad NEW
by: Nina54

When i was younger, my parents had a vacuum coffee maker, but it wasn't glass so I couldn't see it in action. I think a drip coffee machine with a disposable filter is probably easier to clean and brews just as well, but this is cool anyway, especially in glass. For coffee lovers paperswriter.

May 31, 2015
vacuum coffee makers NEW
by: Amy Brian

My mother had the same coffee maker. It was lovely and made two or three cups of coffee with a remarkable aroma and color. I have new and modern coffee maker but I missed the the taste my mother coffee's had. You have to try essaygeek essays for a better assignment.

Apr 25, 2015
Coffee Makers NEW
by: SmithR

I like this traditional and perfect coffee maker. It is true that you can have many cups of coffee in minutes from your electric coffee maker but when its matter of taste, this coffee maker is the best one. I like coffee with its full aroma and flavor, which can take me to deep level of joy. I will write my paper on a similar topic in next semester. It makes me more creative.

Feb 27, 2015
Nice coffee maker NEW
by: Donald

Oh I am seeing such coffee maker for the first time. Is it the one used in the olden days? I will search for this type of coffee maker in crockery shop and I hope I can find one soon. Ben: Pest control equipment

Nov 23, 2014
Instructions for use NEW
by: Sheel Dewan

I have an original vacumn cory coffee maker. When I try to use it, the water in the upper bowl empties almost immediately into the lower bowl, even when I fit the filter rod snugly between the two bowls.

Everything seems ok, I cannot see any cracks in the two bowls, or in the filter rod, except the tip of the filter rod (part that enters the lower bowl) is chipped. The length of the lower tip is now ~ 2". Wonder what the original length was?

Is the problem due to the chipped filter rod? Is there any possibility of finding a replacement?

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