The value of coffee business leads generation

Coffee business leads generation is important, if you are in the business, you would know it. So, the question you should be asking is -why do it through us?

Our network

Every time an article, a comment is served via our website, it reaches 100 000 connections. This is possible through our RSS subscribers, our twitter followers and our ever growing facebook business page.

So, we interact with a lot of stakeholders that are in the coffee trade. So, if you are in coffee or F&B trade, our network should be able to help you.

Our reach

Without even delving into our subscribers or any other platforms, lets us show you how many people you can reach just on our facebook page.

We have more than 10 000 fans on our page currently. Generally, a person has about 100 friends. Every time, any comment, or posts are done on our business page, it gets circulated to all our fans.

And of course, the friends of our fans would get to reach it as well. DO the math, 10 000 X 100 =

1 000 000!

That is the amount of impressions we are talking about just on our facebook page alone.

So, even with a super low 0.01 percent hit rate you are looking at 10 000 leads using our coffee business leads generation system!

Our cost

It is unbelievable low! Lets look at how you generate leads currently:

1.Advertisement on TV or print media

Cost: few thousands dollarsEffectiveness: Nobody can tell

2. Cold callingCost: few thousands dollars (depending on how many telemarketers)Effectiveness: People hate cold call!

3. Salesman knocking doorsCost: few thousands dollars (salary of salesman)Effectiveness: How many doors can a salesman knock each day?

Our package, comes with qualified leads, they are on our site because they found us on Google, Facebook, twitter or any other platforms.

They are qualified leads -they are looking for products that are similar to yours.

We pass you all these leads then you sell to them the benefits of your products.

Contact us for more information about this program, and also tell us what you want.

To know about more ways to generate leads and sales for your business to compliment this coffee business leads generation, check out this link.

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