Be like the coffee beans -a story

by Chee Leng

Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans

I tend to always post articles on how great this company fared or how much coffee was consumed. The fact is, coffee by itself has a life lesson that should be emulated.

The story goes that a boy was very unhappy that he did not get what he wants and was feeling very dejected. His grandfather hopes to cheer him up, so told him this story:

First, the grandfather bought him in front of three pots of boiling water and in front of each pot of water, there is a cumuber, an egg and some coffee beans.

He asked the boy to put each item into the respectively pot of boiling water and report what he sees.

For the cumumber, the boy noticed that it is very hard and solid, but once it goes into the hot water, it becomes soft.

The egg on the other hand was fragile but becomes hard after going into the boiling water.

The coffee beans simply makes the boiling water into coffee.

Here is what the grandfather told the boy:

The boiling water is life and the three items are different people.

The cumumber are people that is strong but once they go through hard times, they becomes soft. And this is not the people you want to be .

The egg on the other hand is soft and fragile initially, but tough times harden them. Similarly, this is not the sort of people you want to be.

The coffee beans on the other hand, changes the hot water in to coffee. These are people that do not let the situation get them back but changes it into something better.

This is the people that take control of their situation and better it. Great leaders are make of this stuff, and their improves difficult situation.

What I learn from this story?

Great leaders are like coffee beans!:)

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Parable of the Coffee Bean
by: Mobius Gildred

Very neat story, and one that I will show and tell to my children, and perhaps even pass on to staff, family, and friends for a boost of encouragement in their own lives at any time things might get tough for them. Thank you for sharing, and for this website as well. I have spent the past couple of days reading from your website. Your website is one of the best websites I have read from, with the most interesting and informative articles to read. It is one of the most easiest websites to navigate around that I have visited, and I love that so many article pictures are pinterest ready too. Keep up the great work!

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