Baby latte

by Mindy Silva
(Salt Point, NY)

As a baby I was fed latte in a bottle - typical for the Island culture I was born in.

My mother was known for her wonderful coffee and so am I, having had 50 some odd years in which to develop my skills!

Few things to know in making a great cup of coffee or espresso. Do not wear perfume, or wash dishes, or cook food when making your coffee.

First of all, start with the best beans you can find (don't compromise on quality). Always use cold water to make the coffee, not lukewarm or hot.

Never leave it out - always have it in the fridge no matter how many times you have to use it.

Always store it in either an air-tight glass jar or if in the freezer, then a stainless steel air-tight container.

Never, never, never, ever use dishwashing liquid to wash anything associated with your coffee. And always, always, always rinse your cup with cold water, no detergent.

Now, the good news - save all the coffee grounds and use them for your garbage cans, or keep them on the counter TO ABSORB ODORS!

Yup, that's right - coffee grounds is the best and cheapest deodorizer there is. That's why you have to keep it away from any odoriferous substances while making it.

Lastly, before serving it, make sure your cup has been sitting on the counter with very hot water in it, before pouring in your elixir.

And if serving latte (cafe con leche), pour the coffee in the cup first, then when pouring the boiled - yes, boiled - milk, raise the pot about a 10 or 12 inches over the cup,then pour.

That's the easiest, fastest way to froth your milk!!! Now, sit back and enjoy the difference.

From a true coffee/espresso lover.

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