An easy way to find business in F&B (Food and beverage) industry?

by Ebenezer Heng

Sharing session on leads generation

Sharing session on leads generation

It doesn't matter if it is in Singapore or any other parts of the world, F&B (Food and beverage) business is very competitive.

It is not easy to secure business, in fact, it is not even easy to generate leads.

So, how do we look for business?

We do not cold call, in fact starting from 2014, it will be illegal to do cold calling in Singapore, under the Do Not Call registry act (DNC).

We do no advertisement on the main stream media such as Straits Times Newspaper, Mediacorp TV advert, magazines whatsoever.

And of course, we see no point in sending out flyers.

The best platform to generate leads -LinkedIN

Most of our leads comes from LinkedIn. (The rest comes from recommendation by current customers).

If you are on LinkedIn, and you search for F&B services in Singapore, you will find me: Ebenezer Heng.

It is likely to be always on the first page.This has bring about few hundreds views and clicks every few weeks.

This is not alot, but at no effort, don't you agree that this is great?

These few hundred clicks on linkedIn is much more than just clicks.

Targeted Audience.

They are targeted audience. They are from the F&B industry, looking for solutions to solve their Food and beverage problems.

And by the time they found me, if the price is right, they will usually go ahead with the deal.

Targeted leads are highly easy to convert leads.


The one thing that I absolutely hate about Newspaper or TV is its perishability. They can only be seen at that particular moment.

No matter how much time and effort you pour into the campaign, it is perishable.

LinkedIn is totally different. After prospecting the client, if it is successful, you network grows.

The best part of linkedIN is, even if the deal is not successful, your network grow too! In time to come, you might be able to serve this customer or their contacts again!

So, tell me, isn't linkedIn an easy, or even the best platform to generate leads?

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