A coffee news that is nothing new -it has nothing to do with Keurig, Nespresso, Senseo or any of the big brands.

by chee Leng

A cup of coffee

A cup of coffee

Keurig or Green Mountain Coffee Roaster just bought Van Houte, it is a big news and usually I would be talking about this, only thing is I read something bigger -is about coffee.

I was looking for interesting news to share with all of you when I chanced upon this beautiful video -Life is like a cup of coffee, how true.

I was telling some of my readers, that the best coffee is about the experience and not the equipments, the beans or the brewing method and then this video affirms it all.

This site has been around for a few years, and each day, we get requests from people wanting to know about the best coffee maker, a better coffee brewing method, the best coffee blend or even the best coffee shop.

The fact is, there are more expensive coffee maker, sophisticated way of brewing coffee, interesting coffee blend and even very high end coffee shop, but whether that would give you the best coffee experience is a question mark.

How good the coffee is, depends on YOU! The mood behind how you drink the coffee determines the rating of the coffee.

Drinking it in a happy mood with your love ones almost gurantee the coffee to be better than when drank to stay awake and rush for a deadline.

And while my thought about coffee is slightly different from the video, I totally agree with the way that people are living their lives and that is what add stress to their lives.

Why do you need to live in a house that is so big, car that is so expensive, have meals that is so expensive just to feel "make it".

Have you really make it, when you have to clock 14-15 hours day, work weekends and spend Sundays playing golf to get more business?

So, how much time would you spend in that big house of yours, how often would you drive that expensive car and would that expensive meal make you less stressful?

Indeed, if you are drinking coffee, it doesn't matter what type of cups you use. Similarly, if you want to live life to the fullest, the size of your house, the brand of your car and the restaurants that you goes to does not make it better.

Like I said, this is nothing new, there are thousands of books and articles on it, I merely like this video so shared my thoughts on it.

Life is really like a cup of coffee, you should be appreciating the coffee, and not worry about the cups that come with it. The truth is, the cup adds very little value to the coffee.

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