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Can you imagine a 100 cup coffee maker that can brew and can handle up to 100 cup of coffee?

It's a little impossible, right?

But because of today’s technological innovation in the field of coffee maker, there are some companies who were able to invent the 100 cup coffee maker.

One of these companies is the West Bend Company.

West Bend Company is a company which started from 1991 and is located at West Bend, Wisconsin.

This company is very popular because of its electrical appliances and aluminum cookware. They were also known for their two-stroke cycle engines like the outboard boat motors.

However, due to some reasons, the West Bend’s engine division was sold to Chrysler, next is to Brunswick, and lastly to USMotor. West Bend’s unit of home appliances is known as the West Bend Housewares.

If you are that person who loves to party or you frequently host a party in your home, then this West Bend 33600 100 cup coffee maker is best for you.

This coffee machine also was being used on big occasions like birthday parties, weddings, meetings, and etc. It can definitely cater huge consumption of coffee beverage.

West Bend 33600 has a coffee-level gauge feature. With the help of its coffee-level gauge, you can identify or see the amount of coffee left inside the coffee urn.

With this, you will be having an idea whether to brew or not to brew coffee anymore.

When the coffee maker is on the process of brewing, you don’t need to always go and check the coffee machine because it has its indicator light.

This “ready” indicator light will signal you if the brewing process is over. No need also to worry about the coffee getting cold because it has its automatic keep-warm mode that keeps and maintains thetemperature of the coffee.

West Bend 100 cup coffee maker also has a 2-way dripless faucet feature. These two faucets are for single-cup and for continuous filling.

You can guarantee that this coffee urn does not spill the coffee as it dispenses it into your cup.

When it comes to cleanliness or hygiene, this coffee maker is also safe. This is because it has a locking cover as a hygiene measure.

You are assure that the coffee inside is safe from any foreign objects and some unwanted substances.

This 23 inches 100 cup coffee maker is made up of aluminum material. Needles to say, this kind of coffee machine is durable.

Huge businesses or big corporate houses that need to brew large amount of coffee everyday find it better to have this 100 cup coffee maker.

This coffee machine is not ideal for household use because large amount of coffee might get wasted. This product will be very useful to restaurants and to some organizations that has over 100 members.

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Posted by Ebenezer Heng on Monday, July 13, 2015

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