Renting Espresso machine in Singapore is cheap!

Serious, renting espresso machine in Singapore is in fact dirt cheap.

For less than $6.70 per day, or the price of a cappuccino, you get to own one of the world's best espresso machine (La Pavoni lever espresso maker).

We hate to admit it (because we are selling it as well), but it is even cheaper than buying it!

And now that you have arrived at our page, we are going to make it even cheaper!

Rent a La Pavoni machine through us and received a free one month OCM marketing package. You want to rent an espresso machine because you own a coffee shop business or a cafe right?

So, what better gift than a one month promotion package for your coffee shop. A package that gives you a high profile page, a video production, exposure on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.

A short video on how this beauty would look like in your cafe

At only $210/month

Are there any drawbacks about renting?

The main drawback about renting espresso machine in Singapore is the coffee. Because at $6.70 per day, there is no way the espresso machine company can make any money.

So, they need to sell coffee beans to you in order to break even.

And that is the only drawback about the whole deal.

Who should not be renting espresso machine?

If you hate to be tied down with terms and conditions, and need to experiment with other coffee beans, then this might not be for you.

You should instead learn more about buying and owning an espresso machine instead -which has its own merits as well.

Our recommendation

For coffee shop business that is just starting up, investing an amount of $8000.00 on a coffee machine can be a significant amount.

Renting it lower the cash outlay, and allows the owner to channel their cash into other places to grow their coffee shop.

Rent the coffee machine and get the free marketing package now! Check out the La Pavoni BAR 2V that you can get for $6.70...


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