Best automatic coffee maker, let you "cannot live without it"...

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Best automatic coffee maker is one that is able to make coffee that caters to YOUR lifestyle! Coffee is an experience, and the coffee maker must have such a good fit with you that you cannot live without it.

"Cannot live without it", does it sounds like the Best automatic coffee maker that you are looking for? Unfortunately, every individuals differs and what is the best for me, might not hold true for you.

That being said, I am going to highlight a machine that has received raving reviews from both sellers and users. If you are looking for automatic coffee maker, it means you are looking for a machine that has the espresso and cappuccino functions.

The very highly recommended best coffee makers in this range would be the Saeco Odea Giro/Go super automatic coffee machine. If you are looking the best automatic coffee maker that gives superb espresso and cappuccino, then this is the one!

Saeco Odea comes with a AquaPrima water filter, its purpose is to protect the water that brew your coffee from lime scale damage. In short, it ensures that the water that brews your espresso taste better.

Think about it, how many coffee makers, goes into such details and to the extent of making sure that the water is of better quality.

But, the one important value add of a best automatic coffee maker would be the cappuccino. This is also the primary reason, why I think Saeco Odea deserves the best title.

With its pannarello frothing, the steam is dispenses into 3 different directions, making it easier to froth. Some even says that it is this that makes better froth for cappuccino.


Of course, the perfect froth to a certain extent, is also due to the Rapid Steam, the patented technology of Saeco. The shorter time that its gushes in, makes the difference in the height of the foam.

To be in the automatic range, is the ability to grind. Saeco Odea uses a ceramic grinder, that provides a more consistent grind, gives a perfect dosage for blending. The ceramic reduces heat and noise and gives you more control over the density and body of your coffee.

Other than these values, Saeco Odea comes with the small details just to make your coffee a little easier and better. Imagine, a drip tray height that is adjustable for your different cup sizes.

Fully automatic, comprehensive features, makes great espresso and cappuccinos, if this cannot make it into your list of best automatic coffee maker, not many can...


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