Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker : Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Zutto 

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There is one coffee maker that comes to mind that might fit these criteria, which is the Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Zutto Coffee Maker.

First of all, the Zojirushi Zutto Coffee Maker is very compact. It looks very distinct from other coffee makers. This is because Zojirushi developed this coffee maker with simplicity in mind.

How is it different from other coffee makers in the same category? First of all, the filter cone sits inside the coffee pot, that does not only allow the unit to be more compact, but it’s easier to access as well, whether to put the grounds in, or to clean it. The water reservoir is concealed, making the unit more compact as well.

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Filling it is easy as well because it is removable. Therefore, you can fill it up under the tap, which is very convenient. The labels of the control buttons use universal symbols, instead of words, making it easier to understand. Its compact design allows it to occupy as little counter top space as possible. Is the Zojirushi Zutto Coffee Maker convenient? Yes, it is.

How about its reliability? Various customer reviews for this unit has praised it for its reliability because as the months and years pass by, it still performs as well as it did when it was purchased. Zojirushi’s brilliant design choices have allowed this coffee maker to be very reliable.


For instance, this best 4 cup coffee maker does not need to be decalcified at all, thanks to its charcoal water filter. Even under constant use, the charcoal water filter needs to be replaced every 2 years.

Third, it makes great coffee. First, its water filter purifies the water and contributes to make your coffee taste as best as possible. The cone-bottom filter contributes to the quality of the coffee as well. In fact, a cone-bottom filter helps produce better tasting coffee than a flat-bottom one.

Finally, if you can’t finish 4 cups of coffee in one sitting, you do not have to worry about your coffee getting cold. Its automatic keep warm function makes sure that your last cup is as hot as the first cup, personally keeping coffee fresh is a key variable for a best 4 cup coffee maker.

Zojirushi is known more for its mammoth 1.5 liter coffee maker, which surprisingly outperforms most, if not all, coffee makers in its category. If you’re looking for great 4 cup coffee maker, though, the Zojirushi Zutto Coffee Maker is probably the best choice. Affordability, reliability, convenience, and the ability to produce great coffee make it the best 4 cup coffee maker.

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