Best coffee pot gives great coffee!

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Is real, best coffee pot does make a difference in the finished brew that you would drinking. In fact, not even finding the best coffee makers, would make an impact as big as the coffee pot.

Before touching on the best coffee pot, do you know how many types of coffee pots there are? In general, if going by material there are only 3 types. The first would be one that you are familiar with, the glass carafe. The second type is getting popular, but one which I would advise against using it, the plastic carafe.

The last is what we would be focusing on and that is the stainless steel coffee pot. All these 3 coffee pots has their own unique strengths, but the stainless steel one, in my opinion is the one that would give you the best coffee experience.


Let us look at the glass carafe, its main value add is its aesthetic, it looks good. Other than that, it does not serve much purpose. I consider retaining heat as a key component of any coffee pot, but the glass carafe unfortunately is not able to do that.

The plastic coffee pot has the same strength and weakness as the glass carafe and its only other value add is its lower pricing. But, again this is a coffee pot that is not able to retain heat.

For coffee pots that are not able to retain heat, they would be assisted by warming plates. This are plates that are maintained at a certain temperature to ensure that your pot of coffee would be able to stay hot and fresh for at least at hour.

But anyone that has use warming plates know that the coffee leave on the warming plate would either be burn by it or it would simply turn cold. This is the reason why the best coffee pot which in my opinion is a stainless steel thermal carafe can give you a great coffee.

There are probably close to hundred different brands and make of thermal coffee pot each market themselves as the best coffee pot. I do not know all of them, but one thing I am sure is that these pots can keep your coffee hot and fresh for at least an hour.

By keeping your coffee hot for an hour, it provides two value add to you. One is of course hot coffee for your enjoyment, second would be the elimination of wastage -it mitigates the situation where you have to pour away any cold coffee.

This is my take on the best coffee carafe, I like the idea of having thermal capability and I think you would find it hard to disagreed too right?


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