How to sell food on Instagram:
5 things to note

These are 5 thing you need to know to learn how to sell food on Instagram:  

  1. Instagram Presence 
  2. Influencer Marketing
  3. Instagram stories
  4. Instagram ad
  5. Call to action
  • Instagram presence - to sell anything on Instagram, you need to have a presence (the higher the reach, the better and of course, engagement is important too) on Instagram and it will come from the 3 things we are sharing below
  • Influencer marketing - most of you will be familiar with this buzzword, and in fact, some of you might be using it. Yes, they do and can help you sell food on IG and later, we will explore ways to get them for free. 
  • Instagram stories - this is a very powerful way of reaching out to your followers and even slightly beyond that without worrying too much about the aesthetics, branding of your IG account. 
  • Instagram ad - this is again another element that most of you are familiar with and maybe a little put off (likely because of the high cost), what if we tell you that you can run and have some impact with as little as $2 per advert?  
  • Call to action - these are the only metrics that will make you money! You get the above variables correct and you can get your followers to click on your call to action and hopefully sell some food to them. The other metrics are important when your call to action is healthy, otherwise, they are simply vanity metrics. 

Click get a reminder (above) to our upcoming sharing session as Ebenezer Heng shares the experiment (we created an account for coffee, so we should have termed this how to sell coffee on Instagram instead:) that we have done so far in establishing our business on Instagram, creating and curating Instagram post that gets more engagement than a “bigger” account and of course, how we get the right target audience to click on our Instagram account. And we did all these without any professional photographer or influencer marketing. 

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