4 Best Reasons to Engage in Restaurant Video Marketing

Introduction - Why should restaurant make a video? 

4 Best Reasons to Engage in Restaurant Video Marketing - Restaurant marketing today is not what it was in the past. These days, digital marketing strategies take precedence over more traditional forms of marketing.

With any good digital marketing strategy, there is usually a strong video marketing strategy that runs in tandem with the restaurant’s overarching plans. But why exactly are videos such an important marketing tool today? - Truth is, our customers spend their time online today, with much of that time spent plugged into social media platforms, and online search platforms.

Seeing as our customers are important people to any business, it makes sense that we market where our customers spend their time. While there are other ways to market to a targeted audience online, there is something about high quality video content that builds trust among potential customers.

Whether it is a recipe video or a series of video ads, good marketing videos with a well targeted audience and clear calls to action have the potential to engage viewers, reach more viewers, and are apparently easier to find than traditional article based content online. 

Sharing session on why restaurants should do video marketing

Video Content Is More Engaging To People

4 Best Reasons to Engage in Restaurant Video Marketing #1 - Customers perceive information differently today, and videos have definitely taken over as the popular form of content delivery available online.

With an entire generation being raised in the era of Youtube and other video streaming sites, there is a normalcy and familiarity with turning to a video resource for any sort of information. This inherently makes video marketing and video content more desirable to a large population of our consumers.

High quality video productions also have the potential to deliver a similar amount of information as an article, but in a fraction of the time it takes to read the article, and in a manner that is far more entertaining and far less tedious.

The end result is that as a business operator, you have a much higher chance of holding onto your consumers and your audience, giving them a higher chance of acting upon a click through or a call to action. In essence, video content is highly and quickly digestible, which means that when consumers share your video, it is also more likely that your video will get watched by other people. Imagine reading a full article that your friends have sent you - when was the last time that happened?

Below is a hypothesis that we (OCM) tested - can we grow a social media (Instagram) presence without any influencers? This success also showcase the importance of video (content). 

Video Content Is More Easily Found 

4 Best Reasons to Engage in Restaurant Video Marketing #2 - There are few reasons why video content is now more easily found on google search. The first key reason lies in the way that people search for information. Since the adoption of personal assistant technologies like Alexa, Siri, or even your car’s infotainment system, people have been voicing out their search agendas in the form of questions.

Instead of typing out “best restaurants in town”, people are now asking “What are the best restaurants in town?’ This changes the way that information is being sifted through and delivered to the consumer.

In a question based search, the top result is almost always a video result or a voice snippet, which more appropriately addresses the question asked by the consumer. As these same potential customers are also not using traditional desktop devices to conduct their search, it is also more likely that they will want to watch a video on their mobile device as opposed to reading an article. 

In relation to this behavioural change, since Google’s acquisition of Youtube back in 2006, there have also been gradual changes in the way google populates its page 1 search results. Traditionally, page 1 would be filled with paid ad placements and articles.

Today, page 1 is also populated with video results, answer snippets, and Google My Business results. The way that google displays their search results have always been based on relevancy, and this new shift is indicative that video results are indeed becoming more and more relevant to the average consumer.

With this in mind, it makes a lot of sense for restaurants and businesses to adopt video marketing strategies as part of their restaurant marketing plans. - one that involves high quality and well edited video content with a good targeted audience.

The image below an example of an OCM content (video) stats, which we believe all restaurants, cafes and F&B outlets can replicate. 

Here you would notice that an organic video that enjoys high reach will also reward you with substantial number of followers. 

Video Content Helps Build Trust

4 Best Reasons to Engage in Restaurant Video Marketing #3 - Consumers and our potential customers today are more discerning than ever. This means that they don’t believe everything that they see or read online, which also means that it is becoming harder and harder to build and develop trust between your business and your potential customers.

While videos can also be dressed up and fluffed up, it still goes a little way further than a plain old article saying that a business is able to do what they say. A video, at the very least, shows that the business is real, and somewhat proves that they have the ability to do what they claim to be doing. That is a good step toward building trust between your business and your targeted audience. 

Another aspect of building trust is not so much the authenticity of the business’ products or services, but rather, a lack of knowledge in the usage or results of said product or service. A video can go a long way in bridging this gap, as it allows the consumer to see exactly what the necessary steps are in using the product, and what to expect from the services being rendered. This is the reason why recipe videos do very well as a video marketing tool and can convert potential customers to regular ones.  

An example of a coffee video on a Roastery tour

Video Production Is No Longer Expensive

4 Best Reasons to Engage in Restaurant Video Marketing #4 - In the past, video marketing strategies were almost exclusively employed by large companies through their PR agencies, and were usually shot in a television commercial style with a big budget. - Not anymore.

Today, Video marketing strategies are employed by smaller companies all over the world, and need not incur huge production costs and spending on video ads. Because today’s video content can be used across such a wide variety of digital platforms, modern video production houses can be very versatile and diverse in the styles that are used.

A good social media video piece can be a simple 12-second cinematic video of a dish, while a more educational or informative piece can be slightly longer and less cinematic, leveraging more on the presenter’s knowledge and passion of the subject matter.

If you’d like to see how to shoot a simple food video, you can check out our other article on how to do this yourself. Alternatively, if you would like assistance on how to develop a reasonably priced video marketing strategy, simply fill out the form below and we’d be happy to get back to you. All videos featured here were shot and marketed in-house by our team. 

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