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Enjoy our regular free marketing analytics course online. We look at available government and industry stats to share the current market outlet and the gaps that companies can exploit. 

The first key variable to putting customer first is to identify the target audience with the least resistance (minimum competition). 

F&B Market Outlook | May 2021

In this session hosted by Temasek Polytechnic I&E department, we look at current and past government stats to answer a often asked questions by practitioners in the food and beverage industry: Has the F&B industry fully recovered? 

Then we will also be looking at the digital landscape and share the gaps that F&B companies and leverage on. 

Case study of this session is a well known coffee business in Singapore, which we will delve into:

  • their growth in this industry - does COVID affects them? 
  • their advertising budget (how much and what they are buying)
  • their competitors' advertising budget. 

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