I wanted a KT 4065, but this would do too

by Allan

KT 4065

KT 4065

I wanted a KT 4065, but this would do too. What I mean is that I bought a regular coffee maker that is generic for the meantime to be able to make us a coffee every morning.

I just bought a regular coffee make as of today is still don’t have any money to be able to buy the coffee maker I like so I just settled for a cheaper one.

But in the days to come, I am putting my aim on the KT 4065 and this is my goal, to be able to buy this for my newly renovated kitchen.

One of the main reasons why I love this coffee machine is that this is a thermal coffee carafe which saves me a lot of electricity by not keeping the coffee maker on all the time.

Another great thing also is the duo water filtration system which means I don’t need to filter the water off my coffee or use distilled to make my coffee taste much better.

Anyway, it will not be long till I use a KT 4065 and when I get extra money, I will buy it off Amazon.

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