The right Cafe Keywords will better your coffee shop marketing.

Knowing your cafe keywords (the right keywords) enable you to find the right target audience that will enjoy your coffee around your location. Of course, we are focusing on finding the digital space, and in the last 2 years, digital marketing is one key tool that all cafes (and in fact, F&B owners) have been using. 

In this article, you will find: 

  • Explanation on digital marketing by a practitioner (lecturer in a tertiary institution)
  • Good cafe related keywords that we have identified that should be useful for your small business
  • Free Keyword Research reports (a few countries: US, UK, India, New Zealand) for you to download
  • Free keyword tool for you to conduct your own research and generate your own keyword list. 

Access the free keywords reports here. 

Why Digital Marketing is important? 

This is because, since 2020, a lot of our coffee shops customers are ordering coffee online. And with the various restrictions on physical location, online coffee looks poised to be on the growth. 

In fact, in our recent food and beverage marketing outlook, online ordering has grown by more than 3 fold. 

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Why knowing cafe keywords is important? 

Searching for brands, products and services is a key activity most people do before deciding to make an online purchase. And in this case, having a presence online, on the search engines, e.g. Google search result is essential for our prospective customers to find us. 

What is a good keyword for your coffee shop? 

Ideally, we want a coffee-related keyword that is high in search volume (i.e. a lot of people searching for it), and we also want to make sure that in the search results - there are not so many competitors. 

If marketed correctly, the combo above will assist us to appear on the first page of search result

In the video below, Ebenezer Heng will share more about:

A keyword tool that digital marketers are familiar with to show: 

  • Explanation on terminologies such as Keyword Research and search volume
  • The search volume for coffee shops
  • Keyword list related to cafes
  • what SEO keywords are ideal for content marketing
  • Other things to take note of for your cafe digital marketing

Good Cafes Keywords in Different location

As highlighted in the video above, we sieve out the better SEO keywords, hopefully, you can achieve faster and better search results. For the full reports for each location, scroll below. 

We have prepared a few reports here, if you want something that is for your country, you can access this free keyword tool (7 days) and enjoy free use of it to generate your reports. 

Use this to generate a free report on the latest keyword list 

Generate your own F&B Report (Free)

Free access to generate and download food and beverage data analytics on: 

  • F&B industry 
  • Competitors stats
  • Competitors advert (what they are buying and how much they are spending) 

Access this platform (Free) | this is the platform that we use to generate all the reports

After ascertaining your cafe keywords, and you are looking for ideas to better market your cafe, check out our restaurant marketing page for new cafe marketing ideas. 

If you will like to have chat with us, book an appointment with us below or drop us a message for an email consultation - look forward to helping you in your coffee shop marketing. 


The hardest and most critical part of any food and beverage business is looking for the customers. We look forward to working with you to identify your target customers and position your products in front of them. 

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