Free coffee shop business model canvas sample download

Here, we will not only provide a free coffee shop business model canvas sample download, but we will also go through the various components so that you are able to create your own one-page business plan for your coffee shop business. 

To build a good coffee shop, you will need to have a strong customer base. And you will be able to identify and position your products in the 9 variables within the business model canvas. 

For the free editable coffee shop business model canvas download. 

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The 9 variables of a BMC are: 

Value proposition: Why people buy your product instead of your competitors, e.g. what do you think is Hai Di Lao Value proposition? 

In the video below, we break down a coffee shop value proposition by looking at the pain and gain of a typical food and beverage customer. 

Relationships (customer): How are you going to serve your customers. It is going to be automated or it is going to be a personalised relationship (Planned your customer journey map), e.g. Ritz Carlton and their personalised service. Learn more about the customer journey map here. 

Segment (customer): This comes from your audience persona. Who are you targeting? Learn more about the customer persona here. 

Channels: Other than the physical coffee shop, you will likely be selling online, e.g. your website, partner’s delivery platforms.  

Revenue: Other than selling your food and beverage, can you also be selling merchandise, or even earn from franchising. 

The above 5 variables focused on attaining the coffee shop revenue. 

The 4 variables below are about where the various expenses go to attain your coffee shop business revenue. 

Key partners: These are stakeholders that will help you achieve your revenue, e.g. your delivery platform partners. 

Key Activities: These are activities that will help you achieve your revenue. One of the key activities is social media marketing, this allows your targeted audience to know more about you.  

Key Resources: Assets that you will need to make your coffee shop successful, e.g. you will need coffee beans and of course your marketing. 

Cost structures: These will be the expenses incur for your resources and activities. 

The free editable coffee shop business model canvas download

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