Coffee Tours in Ecuador

by Peter Lauffer
(Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador)

We invite you to explore Ecuador’s “dark secret” and get into a journey marked with picturesque landscapes, fascinating farms and haciendas, and a glimpse into the region’s coffee culture.

Of course, you will also experience the enthralling aromas, flavors and textures of the various coffees of Ecuador!

We have lined up some exciting places and activities that are sure to perk you up your interest and give you a coffee break like no other!

Learn more about how coffee is grown in this part of the world and how important this product is to the country’s agriculture.

Have the opportunity to talk with the local farmers and agricultural engineers. Witness firsthand the different techniques in growing these precious beans.

You will also have the chance to visit a coffee processing plant and see how coffee is roasted to perfection.

And of course, you get to participate in several taste tests. Surely, you will have plenty of opportunities to tease and scintillate your taste buds as you try to distinguish the subtle nuances and differences in flavor.

Ahhhh… close your eyes and imagine the aroma, texture, taste and warmth of coffee running like liquefied gold down your throat. Such heaven!

But don’t you worry, this tour is not just for coffee-lovers. We have prepared an itinerary that is perfect for one who is looking for an authentic travel experience.

Surely, we will go beyond the usual tourist spots so be armed with a sense of adventure.

Mind you, the accommodations may be pretty basic by some standards (and there are times when private bathrooms may not be available) but we assure you that the accommodations will be clean and pleasant.

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