Complete Guide On How to Start a Coffee Shop Business in the Philippines

how to start a coffee shop in philippines

The Philippines is a country with a thriving coffee culture, making it an ideal place to open a coffee shop. Many factors contribute to the success of a coffee shop, including a well-developed business plan, effective marketing strategies, and cost-effective operations. Here are ten essential things to consider to help you start a successful coffee shop business in the Philippines.

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how to start a coffee shop in philippines

Type of Coffee Shop: 

There are different coffee shops, such as a traditional café, speciality coffee shops, or a franchise. Determine the kind of coffee shop you want to start and what sets it apart from existing coffee shops in your area.

This would also impact the investment you are putting into this venture. Have a look at the Coffee Shop Start-Up Cost Breakdown and the investment required for the different types of coffee shops. 

Business Plan: 

A well-written business plan is essential to help you outline your vision, mission, target market, financial projections, and marketing strategies. It should also include a detailed budget plan and a break-even analysis to determine when your coffee shop will become profitable.

To help you start a business plan, start with the exceedingly popular and easy-to-use business model canvas (we included a coffee shop BMC for your download and usage). 

You will also find the cafe value proposition canvas to be instrumental in building and readying your business plan. 

how to start a coffee shop business in the philippines


Choosing the right place for your coffee shop is vital to its success. Look for areas with high foot traffic near office buildings, shopping centres, or busy streets. Consider factors like parking, accessibility, and visibility when selecting a location.

We have compiled and summarised eight factors that are essential when it comes to the analysing of a coffee shop location. If you are hands-on, use the free research analysis tool to sieve and find up the intent of your audiences at the different locations (e.g. malls, shopping places etc). 

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how to start a coffee shop business in the philippines

Interior Design: 

Your coffee shop's interior design can significantly impact your customers' experience and perception of your brand. Choose a plan that fits the type of coffee shop you want to create, whether it be cosy and inviting, modern and chic, or eclectic and quirky.

Learn how the interior design, i.e. the size of your service area and your kitchen, impacts your coffee shop rental.

starbucks vs mcdonalds

Case Study: Starbucks vs Mcdonalds

This case study sheds light on the importance of location, customer engagement and, most importantly, that having more location need not necessarily meant higher sales revenue. 

Read more: Starbucks vs Mcdonalds’ case study. 

Coffee Shop Equipment: 

Invest in quality equipment to serve top-notch coffee. Consider space, cost, and energy efficiency when choosing your coffee-making equipment.

For a start, consider renting a coffee machine, and learn about the coffee companies' various business models for you to have a coffee machine. 

Learn more about the rental of coffee machines

how to start a coffee shop in philippines

Coffee Menu: 

Offer various coffee options to cater to different tastes and preferences. Experiment with varying brewing methods, such as pour-over, French press, or espresso, and consider offering tea, pastries, and light snacks.

One of the most important of writing a coffee menu is understanding price framing. Read on and learn how to “persuade” customers to buy the items you want to sell by correctly pricing your items.

Here is a look at a mechanic known as price framing.

So, how much do you need to start your coffee shop? It might differ significantly from Makati Greenbelt to Cebu Mactan Island. Use the calculator to start building your dream cafe! 👇

Cost-Effective Operations: 

Running a coffee shop can be expensive, so finding ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality is crucial. Consider sourcing your coffee beans directly from local farmers, using energy-efficient equipment, and reducing waste using recyclable materials.

You make money with the net profit margin, deducting your expenses (operation, cost of goods) from your revenue (sales of your coffee shop). So, the more cost-effective your operation is, the better your profit margin. 

Read more about how to improve your restaurant operations

how to start a coffee shop in philippines

Marketing Strategies: 

Effective marketing strategies can attract new customers and build brand awareness. Use social media, local advertising, and referral programs to promote your coffee shop.

One of the most important channels for marketing is the use of social media. This article details how to use social media to grow your influence and positively impact your coffee shop revenue. 👇

Read Digital Marketing strategy for a coffee shop.  

how to start a coffee shop business in the philippines

Franchising Coffee Shops: 

Franchising is another option for starting a coffee shop business in the Philippines. It allows you to leverage an established brand, proven business model, and marketing support to create your own business.

While this is an easy way to start running your own coffee shop business, you need to decide the levels of control you want in your industry. Read about the various pros and cons of franchising coffee shops. 

Existing Coffee Shops: 

Keep an eye on existing coffee shops in your area to see what works and doesn't. Study their marketing strategies, customer experience, and product offerings to help you create a unique and successful coffee shop business.

how to start a coffee shop business in the philippines

In conclusion, starting a coffee shop business in the Philippines requires careful planning and execution. You can increase your chances of success by considering factors such as the type of coffee shop, business plan, location, interior design, equipment, coffee menu, cost-effective operations, marketing strategies, franchising, and existing coffee shops. Remember that success takes time and effort, so be patient and keep striving towards creating a successful coffee shop.

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