We say instant coffee might be the most popular coffee -it is. (And we have research to prove!)

by Chee Leng

Instant coffee still rules

Instant coffee still rules

In my articles some time back, I proposed the thought that instant coffee might be what we like after all, why? well, Nescafe is still the largest roasters and starbucks is going strong into via the instant coffee.

And if the UK drinkers pattern is similar to the rest of the world -then my thought is confirmed!

YouGov Sixthsense did a research and shows that in UK, 83% of over 55s drank instant coffee, and 67% drank it too. Now, if you add that up, the number is substantial.

The rest of coffees, have numbers like cappuccino with 43%, latte 39% and americano 22%. This goes to shows that instant coffee is still the most drank formula.

Of course, the purpose of this research is not to show how popular is instant coffee, but rather to show that more senior folks are drinking more instant coffee than younger folks.

And given that the developed countries are all facing greying population, the numbers for consumption on instant coffee is bound to increase.

Now, we see why there is a need to go into instant coffee market, right? First, the older folks usually drink whatever is available at home and they are more likely to have it at home then say starbucks which is predominately a place for younger folks.

In any case, instant coffee still rules, and Nescafe should be still the market leader in coffee for a good many years to come...

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Posted by On Coffee Makers on Tuesday, June 2, 2015

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