New K cups, Nestle tea, and even Tim Hortons being launched in the market

by Chee Leng

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons

So many new coffee, tea and others are being launched -even reading it, one can sense that something is brewing. And all this is targeted at one location -North America!

All the companies know that Christmas is by far the biggest event that can make or break a company. Never mind that you have been losing money for the entire year, one quarter can bring your balance sheet into the black.

That is the reason that for the "Black Friday" in November, where the festive shopping can effectively make the balance sheet of a company into the black (i.e. black means making money, red is losing money).

There are more k cups to buy for this season, with Millstone and folgers coffee launching another 6 varieties in k cup format.

On the retail F&B section, you have Tim Hortons coming with a healthier menu for breakfast: Homestyle Oatmeal breakfast wraps.

It is supposed to be low in fat and high in fibre.

On a bigger scale, Nestle is planning to expand its bottled tea market in US. To be fair, they might not make it for this Christmas.

But Since they already own 35% of Sweet Leaf and Tradewinds, they might just increase their shares and launch something real fast.

On the other hand, their new product launch would be Dolce Gusto that is available in most Walmart in US.

So far, these are the new product launches that I know, I believe there are many more that is all trying to make some money this Christmas.

Consumers are more willing to spend during the festive period and the inertia to buy things is mitigated with the herd buying mentality that is everywhere during the Christmas period.

It would be interesting to see which products goes out of stock first!;0

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Posted by On Coffee Makers on Tuesday, June 2, 2015

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