Haier 10-Cup Digital Coffee Maker HDC10LBS

by Rebecca

Haier 10 Cup

Haier 10 Cup

This coffee maker has an LCD digital display, and you can program it to brew at whatever time you choose.

The features are a permanent filter & removable filter basket, a water level indicator, and an on/off indicator light (just in case you don't know if you turned it on or not...lol).

The burner to keep the coffee warm is coated. It will also allow you to sneak a cup of coffee before the brew cycle is complete. Love that feature on those mornings when I am running late and just can't wait for my coffee.

Of course the flavor profile is changed by not waiting for the full brew cycle, but I personally don't mind that at all.

It's a small trade off to be able to grab my coffee and go right when I need to. The carafe is glass, and has a somewhat unusual handle.

It sticks straight out from the top edge of the carafe. This makes pouring a cup feel a little odd, but it still works out fine. It holds 10 cups. This coffee maker is pretty hard to find, but the general pricing is around $40.

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Posted by On Coffee Makers on Tuesday, June 2, 2015

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