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At our coffee consultancy, we are proud to offer top-tier services led by our experienced coffee consultant, who has spent over a decade teaching in tertiary institutions and working for the biggest coffee roaster in the world. 

Our consultant's wealth of knowledge and expertise has allowed us to provide unparalleled support to our clients, with custom services ranging from concept development and startup planning to store evaluation and optimization. 

Additionally, our consultant has frequently been invited to speak at industry events, such as masterclasses at Food Hotel Asia, showcasing their expertise in speciality coffee and coffee roasting. With our coffee consultant at the helm, we are confident in providing the best possible guidance and support for your coffee business.

Coffee Shop Consulting Services

  • Concept development and startup planning:
  • Cafe Set up Calculator 
  • Store evaluation and optimization:
  • In-depth equipment recommendations:
  • Professional barista training:
  • Marketing and social media planning:
  • Virtual strategy and training sessions:
  • Free Consultation 
  • coffee consultant

    Concept development and startup planning:

    coffee consultant

    • Refining your coffee business concept to avoid industry pitfalls
    • Planning the specifics of your coffee shop, such as location, menu, pricing, and branding
    • Identifying and understanding your target audience and competitors in the speciality coffee industry
    • Developing a business plan and financial projections for long-term success
    • Preparing for launch, including legal requirements and staffing needs


    Coffee Shop Location Analysis Checklist. 

    Free Coffee Shop Customer Journey Map Template download

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  • Cafe Set up Calculator 

    Cafe Set-up Calculator for you to mull over your investment before starting any coffee consulting. 

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  • Store evaluation and optimization: 

    coffee consultant

    • Reviewing and analyzing your coffee shop's performance, including monthly sales, profit and loss statements, and inventory of green coffee beans
    • Identifying areas for improvement, such as menu offerings, pricing, and marketing strategies for speciality coffee
    • Optimizing labour and employee scheduling for increased productivity and profitability, including barista training and continuing education for coffee professionals
    • Evaluating purchasing and ordering systems for green coffee beans and other supplies to streamline operations and reduce costs
    • Assessing the rent factor and other complex expenses to ensure your coffee business is financially sustainable and profitable for coffee roasters

    Master Class with Hard Rock Cafes by Coffee Business Consultants. 

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  • In-depth equipment recommendations: 

    coffee consultant

    • Identifying the specific equipment needs for your coffee shop, such as espresso machines, grinders, and brewing equipment for coffee roasting
    • Selecting equipment that meets your quality and budget requirements for speciality coffee
    • Providing detailed recommendations on equipment brands and models from experienced coffee professionals
    • Securing discounts and negotiating with suppliers to get the best deal for your coffee business and green coffee beans

    When it comes to the coffee machine, we are the experts. So let us help you get your coffee machine at a very low (or no cost): Free On Loan Coffee Machine

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  • Professional barista training: 

    coffee consultant

    • Evaluating your staff's current skill levels and identifying areas for improvement, including latte art and espresso extraction for speciality coffee
    • Customizing barista training sessions to focus on technical skills and coffee roasting
    • Conducting training sessions in our lab or on-site at your coffee shop for coffee professionals
    • Providing ongoing support and feedback to ensure your staff's continued growth and development in coffee roasting and speciality coffee

    Usually provided by the coffee company, here are some coffee training and the companies we worked with. 

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  • Marketing and social media planning:

    coffee consultant

    • Developing a unique branding and style guide for your coffee shop on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
    • Identifying your target audience and developing a marketing strategy to reach them in the speciality coffee industry
    • Creating engaging content for social media platforms to promote your coffee business and green coffee beans
    • Running promotions and events to attract new customers and retain regulars in speciality coffee

    Our Coffee Business Consultants lectured in tertiary institutions; here is a case study on how we grow a new Instagram account into an engaging and large community (currently at more than 40 K). 

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  • Virtual strategy and training sessions:

    coffee consultant

    • Conducting virtual meetings with your company's executive and planning committees for coffee roasters
    • Developing new strategies and refining old ones to stay competitive in the coffee industry and speciality coffee market
    • Providing customized training sessions for your staff on new procedures or equipment for coffee professionals
    • Offering ongoing support and guidance as your coffee business evolves in speciality coffee and coffee roasting.

    We conduct market outlook and masterclasses monthly with organizations such as the Polytechnic and Trade Associations and at relevant food and beverage events. Join us for the latest class shown below. 

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  • Free Consultation 

    coffee consultant

    There are a few scenarios that you are faced with right now before starting your coffee shop or cafe:

    • You have no idea how to proceed
    • You have too many ideas and do not know which area to start first 
    • You are sure, but you need someone as a sounding board to manage the risk 

    Regardless of the case, drop us a line, and we will be happy to chat with you. 

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    About US | OCM Profile

    OCM ( was started in 2007 with the first webpage about coffee machines. And for a number of years, we focused on helping people find their desired coffee machine (we still are helping folks with that! So, if you are looking for coffee machines for office or restaurants - check out the link). 

    In 2010, we started getting enquiries on restaurant marketing and we start to help food and beverage brands with their marketing. Below are campaigns and events that we have done over the years: 

    OCM's campaigns: F&B Marketing Ideas by OCM 

    OCM's Events: F&B Industry events by or with OCM

    Check out this restaurant marketing guide to learn more about the many campaigns and companies we have worked with. 

    Since then, we have also created many marketing workshops and classes for the F&B industry. Many of these modules are still running in tertiary institutions such as Temasek Polytechnic Skillsfuture Academy and also ITE College East COC classes, below are some snippets of our lectures and workshops: 

    OCM’s F&B workshops: Food and Beverage Marketing Lectures | Workshops - click to watch classes on customer journey map, JTBD and more. 

    So, if you are looking for industry practitioners to help you scale your coffee or F&B businesses, do drop us a message or book an appointment. Do also check out our various social media platforms on regular F&B and coffee market updates: 

    For regular coffee (F&B) related videos: OCM Youtube

    For Daily Coffee Inspiration (fun coffee content): OCM IG

    For insights into the coffee (F&B) industry: OCM LinkedIN 

    PS: For the coffee lovers, we continue to share coffee articles (and videos) and have also started a free coffee class section (with free online coffee training supported by coffee partners).

    Resources For Cafe/F&B Owners

    F&B Demand/Competition Research 

    Have you done your research? Do you know

    1. How many people are looking for your products?
    2. Who are your main competitors?
    3. What are the things (terms) consumers are looking for? 

    To run a coffee shop, you need to take into consideration, the location proximity advantage, your competitor's activities, your buyer persona and many others. To start off everything, do you know if running a coffee shop is even profitable? 

    Here is a Research Case Study and our take on the profitability of the coffee shop industry: 

    Case Study: Are Coffee Shops Profitable?

    More Case Studies on Demand and Competition coming your way. 

    F&B Planning

    From years of training coffee shop owners, our principal consultant, Ebenezer Heng noticed that most aspiring cafe owners are obsesses with their coffee shop layout or and the interior design of their outlet. 

    While that is important, we all know that for business to thrive, there is only one critical variable - customers.

    Understanding all the marketing elements that can drive traffic to your coffee shop are the drivers that will generate extra sales for you.

    After the research, we will customize a marketing plan for your company.

    Here is a breakdown on the most current marketing strategy for coffee shops. 

    Case Study: Digital Marketing for Coffee Shops

    More Case Studies on marketing coming your way. 

    F&B Strategies

    To plan and implement your coffee shop strategies, you need to know your environment, your competitor and your target audience.

    Thus, a key contributor to a successful strategy is insights nad indepth knowledge of the industry - Industry analysis.

    Here is a coffee shop analysis done for the Singapore Coffee market. 

    Case Study: Coffee Shop Industry Analysis

    More Case Studies on strategies and analysis coming your way. 

    More Resources

    Learn how to start a coffee shop with this free coffee shop business plan

    More Food Services Information and articles

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