High Quality Coffee Machine Rental in Singapore

High quality coffee machine rental in Singapore - Whether you are looking to rent an office coffee machine or a commercial espresso machine for an upcoming food concept, it is likely that you have considered renting a coffee machine instead of buying one.

There are many perks to renting a coffee machine in Singapore. Firstly, it drastically reduces the upfront cash layout normally associated with buying these coffee machines by allowing you to pay a monthly rental fee instead.

Secondly, with a rented coffee machine, the asset still technically belongs to the coffee company, and they are therefore obligated to conduct regular preventive maintenance on your machine, thus ensuring that your machine is always in good working condition.

Thirdly, there is little downside to renting a coffee machine, as the piece of equipment, though rented, is just as good as a similar model that was purchased. This means that you get the same high quality coffee, without the added strain of paying for a machine upfront. 

Office Coffee Machine Rental

In Singapore, as office coffee solutions are normally viewed as a staff perk rather than a money-making asset, most companies would be unwilling to splash out the cash to purchase a coffee maker for the office.

Coupled with the fact that most offices in Singapore run on shorter and shorter lease terms, most companies would want the flexibility of changing a supplier or coffee machine where they deem fit, rather than being tied down to a coffee machine that they bought, which may be unsuitable after an office upgrade or an office downsize.

In that manner, renting an office coffee machine makes plenty of sense. Many office coffee machines take the form of fully automatic coffee machines which utilise fresh coffee beans, stored in a hopper, to make coffee on demand.

These are sometimes also known as a bean to cup coffee machines. As these coffee machines do not require skilled labour to operate and can produce a cup of coffee quite quickly, it is perfect for an office environment use case, as it allows many cups of coffee to be produced a day, while maintaining high quality and consistency of the final product.

When paired with a milk chiller, a fully automatic coffee maker is capable of producing even milk coffees such as your favourite lattes and cappuccinos. Lastly, these coffee makers are also generally smaller than their semi-automatic counterparts that are used in speciality coffee shops. This smaller footprint is useful as it need not necessarily take up too much space in an office environment. 

Because of the popularity of fully automatic coffee machines in an office setting, it is only natural that most companies offer these types of coffee makers as part of their rental packages. Depending on the coffee company that you are looking at, you may have different options where it comes to coffee machines, packaging inclusions, and of course price.

From our research, one of the most value for money packages is the Jewel @ Work Office Coffee Rental Package, which is very competitively priced from $150 /  month and includes a decent amount of high quality gourmet coffee beans that are freshly roasted locally.

This is in contrast to some packages, where the rental rates are higher at between $250 to $450 / month, and sometimes does not even come with any free coffee. The Jewel @ Work package also includes technical support and preventive maintenance for the machine, so you never have to worry about machine breakdowns.

Lastly, where most other coffee companies charge for the rental of a milk chiller, The Jewel @ Work Package actually includes the use of a milk chiller in its price, which is fantastic value.

The package also includes the use of a fully automatic machine which provides multiple drink selection, is easy to operate and clean, and produces a relatively high quality cup of coffee.

Check out this video to see what the Jewel @ Work package comes with.

If your office is keen to try out this machine, an obligation-free machine demo and the complimentary trial period are also available. Simply leave your details and we’ll help you to arrange for a coffee machine at no charge and no obligation.

Food Service & Convenient Store
Coffee Machine Rental

Another area where coffee machine rentals in Singapore are common, are in the areas of food service such as cafes and restaurants, as well as convenient stores such as minimarts and take & go concepts. For these sort of establishments, the same logic applies,  renting the coffee machine can help save a large amount of upfront costs, and allows you to instead pay a monthly rental fee, which is easier on business cash flow. 

Depending on the number of cups of coffee the coffee machine is required to produce a day, you can actually consider using a fully automatic coffee machine for your convenience store or minimart concept as well.

Alternatively, if you are going for a higher volume operation serving barista style coffee complete with trained baristas and latte art, then renting a semi automatic coffee machine might be a good fit for your business.

Depending on the make and model of the coffee machine that you choose, the semi automatic machine may not necessarily be better than a fully automatic coffee machine (a high end automatic machine could be just as good as a mid to low range semi automatic machine), however, where it comes to espresso based drinks like what you normally find in a specialty coffee shop, a semi automatic commercial espresso machine generally does a better job at maintaining high brewing pressure and efficiency. 

The mechanics of renting a semi automatic coffee machine for commercial purposes is not so different from renting a machine for the office. The process is similar, and normally includes technical support and servicing on the machines, which is perhaps even more critical than having technical support for an office coffee machine. In this situation, you are actually relying on the coffee machine to make money, rather than just as a staff welfare item. 

Check out more of articles similar to coffee machine rental Singapore on our homepage, or drop us a message below to have a chat about your coffee or coffee machine needs. 

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