How To Market
Your Restaurant Online?

The good news is, it doesn't have to be difficult or complicated to accomplish.

If you're considering how to do digital marketing for your restaurant, cafe, or even coffee shop, you understand how critical it is. To establish a baseline, let's examine the growth in the number of persons searching via search engine.

It is common for a customer to remain loyal to a business for a long time—and in some circumstances, for the rest of their lives.

It is, however, your marketing strategy that will help them find you. To get it right, you may have to go through a few trial and error.

In 2019, more than 13,000 food and beverage establishments were established in Singapore. Restaurants, fast food outlets, caterers, cafes, food courts, and other eating venues were all included in this list.

You are looking for potential customers when you embark on a digital strategy or design a marketing plan.To do that, you need to grow your online presence in order to get more people to know about your food and beverage business. 

Of course, to do all these, there must first be people online.

For our various market outlet sharing sessions, we tracked Singapore Food Delivery Market, and here is the result: 

  • Jan 2020 Online Food Delivery: SGD$ 90 million 

  • May 2020 Online Food Delivery (circuit breaker in Singapore): SGD$ 191.8 million 

  • July 2021 Online Food Delivery (after Heighten Alert in Singapore): SGD$261.45 million

  • Dec 2021 Online Food Delivery: SGD$ 244.53 million 

A few variables to note from the stats: 

  • Food delivery grew despite the COVID situation. 

  • Every time there is a restriction, the food delivery grows. 

Dec 2021 shows that even after most restrictions have been lifted, the volume of transactions online remains. 

So, why is digital marketing important?

  • “Your potential customers are all online”.
  1. Website

    The first step in promoting a restaurant online is to develop a website. Bring in pros to assist you with this procedure. Ascertain that your website is functioning and responsive.

    A website is just as crucial as a physical location for your restaurant; therefore, promote your restaurant's website on advertising, promotional materials, and stationery.

    Your website must contain all pertinent information about your restaurant and must be regularly optimized and updated to serve as a single point of contact for all of your consumers.

  2. Ensure Your Online Presence Is Optimized

    Claim your restaurant's listing in local directories and review sites.

    Additionally, you can distribute press releases to local newspapers, journals, schools, and neighboring manufacturing enterprises to inform them of your restaurant's opening.

    Create an online menu for your restaurant on your website or through a third-party supplier such as an online delivery platform.

    Nowadays, clients make appointments and place orders via their smartphones, which means your restaurant and menu must be easily accessible online, (mobile responsive).

    Additionally, you must be able to utilize your restaurant's point-of-sale system to supplement your restaurant marketing strategies.

  3. Make Use of a Variety of Promotional Channels

    To advertise a new restaurant, avoid becoming fixated on a single method of marketing. Experiment with various methods of marketing.

    Unless you explore them, how will you know whether they will benefit your restaurant or not and how will you budget accordingly?

    To promote a new restaurant effectively, allocate 80% of your budget to digital marketing and 20% to traditional advertising such as newspaper, directory, radio, television, and billboard advertisements.

    All advertising should be directed to your website to maximize cross-promotional benefits.Take Advantage of Social Media Platforms

If you're not utilizing social media to attract customers, you're almost certainly losing income. According to Statista the typical person spends 135 minutes every day on social media.

This audience is easily accessible for the purpose of promoting a new restaurant online via numerous social media channels.

To begin, experiment with all social media channels to determine which one works best for your cuisine and format.

When it comes to restaurant marketing on social media, Facebook has emerged as the clear winner, closely followed by Instagram. Post images of your restaurant's interior, food, and events.

Additionally, you might launch paid advertisements on social media in the opening days to establish a presence in the eyes of customers.

You can also submit instructional articles on culinary topics and donate to philanthropic or communal projects. All of them will boost your social media credibility, which will help you grow.

Integrate Your Product With Online Distribution Platforms

Online ordering has become a popular method for clients to place meal orders for delivery or pick up at restaurants.

Not only is it easy for customers, but it also provides an excellent opportunity for restaurants to enhance sales and improve customer service and engagement.

Ensure that your restaurant is registered with the numerous online delivery services, as this will improve your internet presence.

These websites often charge a registration fee of roughly 10-15% of the total amount of the online order.

By partnering with these platforms, you automatically increase your visibility and make yourself discoverable to potential clients.

How to do Digital Marketing for F&B?

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