How to make latte art with milk frother?

How to make latte art with milk frother - Creating latte art at home is one of the most satisfying parts of being a coffee fan. Emulating our heroes in our local specialty coffee shop, we revel in the opportunity to whip out that steam wand on a semi automatic espresso machine, skillfully slot it in at an angle down the side of the milk pitcher to swirl the milk, before we start pouring out the steamed milk into the coffee cup for that perfect latte.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to own a semi automatic espresso machine in an apartment, and most of us do not possess that luxury. But fret not - there are actually ways to create high quality foam milk that will be suitable for creating latte art. 

Basis of Creating Froth Milk for Latte Art:

For high quality latte art to be produced, the foam used in the pouring process needs to be extremely fine and smooth. When big bubbles occur in the foamed milk during the frothing process, it does not mix well with the espresso crema during the pouring process and can appear blotchy or “pixelated”, which is not aesthetically pleasing.

The mouthfeel is also compromised, as the large air bubbles do not carry the espresso crema flavour as well, creating a diluted taste to that cup of coffee. So the goal is simple - create smaller and finer air bubbles in the milk during the frothing process. Fortunately, this is actually possible with an electric milk frother, although some adjustments must first be made to the application of the appliance.

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Using A Milk Frother To Create Froth Milk:

There are two types of milk frothers on the market. To create the microfoam needed for a microfoam that is suitable for treating latte art, you will need the handheld wand-like electric milk frother with the rotating attachment on the end. Apply these steps:

  1. Fill a milk pitcher up to the bottom of the spout with cold milk ( you may use warm milk for this process if you prefer)
  2. Take the handheld electric milk frother, and insert the attachment end into the side of the milk pitcher at an angle, using the gradient of the spout as leverage to get a better angle. 
  3. Turn on the electric milk frother to start spinning the attachment, which should cause the cold milk in the milk pitcher to start swirling and incorporating air. 
  4. At this point, the milk should be swirling powerfully enough such that the surface of the milk is broken.
  5. You may need to tilt the milk pitcher at an angle to further facilitate the breaking of the surface of the milk. 
  6. Once this is achieved, continue frothing the milk, taking care to swirl the milk in such a way that there are no noticeable air bubbles being formed on the surface of the milk. 
  7. Over time, as more and more air is incorporated into the cold milk, the milk should start to warm up slightly, and will also thicken. 
  8. To know if the milk is thick enough for latte art, simply swirl the milk to coat the sides of the milk pitcher. The milk should leave a light film of milk on the side of the pitcher, showing it is ready for use in pouring latte art. 
  9. Once satisfied with the texture of the milk, stop the electric milk frother, and remove it from the milk pitcher. 
  10. Swirl the milk in the milk pitcher to remove any remaining air bubbles and tap the pitcher on the countertop to remove and stubborn big bubbles if any. 
  11. Once the surface of the milk is smooth and shiny, you are ready to start pouring the latte art. 

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