Superb marketing for F&B:
McDonald - BTS 

When it comes to marketing for F&B, we always see these: 

  • Spending on Digital Marketing 
  • Spending on Social Media 
  • Spending on food bloggers 
  • Spending to give out a discount or a free meal. 

All these are part of the marketing strategies of the food and beverage business to boost online presence, to grow their brand awareness. Yet, not many of them can boast of achieving 6 times more than their projected sales and spending 40% less on their campaign budget. (you can read more about it in the marketing interactive article). 

McDonald Malaysia achieves all these recently with their launch of the BTS meal. They have brought something for Malaysian to rave about and chat on almost all the social media platforms (other than the gloom and doom of the COVID-19). 

There are of course many reasons for this success. But I will like to look at this from a JTBD (the jobs to be done) angle. 

A take on Mac -BTS (MY) collaboration

What is JTBD? 

It is the job that your customer hope to hire your product or service to achieve. I did a summary of it in a lecture here: What is JTBD. 

What was the job to be done in this case? 

Were the queue and the overwhelming of the website because of the burger or any of the delicious food (functional JTBD)? 

No, it has more to do with the BTS and the “limited” nature of this launch that drove the demand. In fact, McDonald has done it previously with other tie-ups, such as Hello Kitty collectables. The JTBD is emotional and social (FOMO - fear of missing out). 

Now, if you are a business owner, it is important to note that customers are paying for the BTS meal, not because of the delicious burger, but because it is a BTS meal. This intangible benefit is the driver that gave McDonald the 6 times over projected sales. 

So, you might want to consider re-looking at your customer journey map, delve into the various touch points and ponder if there is any other value you can deliver to your customers at these touch points (and it need not necessarily be functional benefit). 

By: Ebenezer Heng

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