How to market a food product online successfully

A frequently asked question: How to market a food product online successfully? Rightfully so, as now most if not all small businesses in the food industry are selling online. And in this article, we want to talk about two areas that will have an impact on your online store (it could be yours or a third party platform): 

  • Social Media
  • Search Engine

Before we move on to these two variables, if you want to sell your food and beverage online, you need customers. Read any online marketing strategy journals or articles on how to sell online, and you will get: 

  • Search Engine Optimisation for your online store to be found 
  • Search Engine Marketing for your online business to have traffic
  • Buy Facebook marketing adverts to increase visits to your online shop
  • Create a series of email marketing campaigns to sell your food items 

And also…

  • Use Instagram to build awareness and traffic for your food business 
  • Or, Tik Tok, YouTube etc. 

The list goes on but at the heart of all these activities, it is to reach your customers. And there are two customers’ activities that we will be touching on: 

  • Customer reading your content (this is because we consume content before consuming products). 
  • Customer buying your products

How to market a food product online using social media (Instagram)? 

If you are in the food and beverage industry, you would definitely have some form of social media, and Instagram is one of the more common platforms. We are showcasing a test case that we have conducted on how we reach thousands using OCM Instagram account. 

If you like to learn about how we started and grow this account from 0 to the current 20K, have a look at this video. We relied on and uses just one component - content. More specifically, content that our target audience like. 

In the 4 steps customer building process detailed below (we will be talking about 3 of them that are focused on customers), before you can scale and build a business, you need to understand who are your customers (that will consume your content and then buy your products). 

Customer Discovery

The very first step is to have a persona of your customers. Most small businesses have some idea about this, but it is just not as detailed on the various specifics. We will touch on constructing an audience persona at a later stage but as some of our students remarked, it is semi-fictional (as we are mostly imagining what our customers are at this stage). 

Once, we have that, we will go out and look for content and hashtags that we believe the persona likes and is relevant to our company. It will advisable to follow the account so that all their posts will be sent to your business account feed (it is appropriate under the scope of your company regulations). 

Note: On Instagram (or any social media), content is the conduit on on-boarding your customers. Just think about how often you stop at a “fun” post and then read or watch versus a “buy now” post. So, on social media, to grow your account and to get engagement, you first need to suss out which content your audience will like. 

With that done, you can proceed to create or curate similar content and execute your content strategy. 

Customer Validation 

When you post your content, it could be a post, IGTV or a reel. The response might not be the same as what you expected. Sieve out the ones that are performing well and create (or curate) a similar to test if the result is the same. 

Frequency of posts. What is the correct post frequency in the food and beverage industry? There isn’t, but think about this, if you are trying to validate the type of posts that your audience prefers, it will be quite difficult to ascertain that with once week posts (not enough data). Do note also that changing the frequency of posts, can have an impact on your engagement and reach,e.g. You were posting twice a day and suddenly you change to twice a week. 

Once you have a pool of content about your food items that your audience likes, the next step is to push up the online ordering. 

Customer Creation 

Of the many that like your posts and regularly engage your posts, not everyone will end up as your customer buying your food products. For the ones that ordered, reward them regularly to encourage them to come back for a re-buy, encourage them to buy more and also to bring them, friends along. 

Most of the website builders will come with some plugins for your food businesses to encourage the behaviour highlighted above. Just take note to balance these posts (promotion/sales-driven posts) with reach/engagement posts. 

How to market a food product online using a search engine?

A very powerful and more sustainable way to build your traffic to your online store is by optimising your presence on the search engine (primarily Google), also known as Search Engine Optimisation. 

We will share more information and case studies around February, but we have prepared weekly stats on the online food delivery industry that you might use immediately. Log in below to download the reports or visit the F&B industry to learn more about the stats or reach out to us for more information. 

Singapore Online Food Delivery Market Size Report

Learn about the traffic and strategy of the key food delivery platforms in Singapore (updated weekly):

Singapore Online Food Delivery Market Share (access report here) 

Password: ocm112021

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