How to make coffee without a coffee machine?

Learn how to make coffee without a coffee machine by using: 

  • Coffee Sock 
  • Moka Pot 
  • French Press 
  • V60 dripper 
  • Drip Coffee Bag 
  • Instant Coffee 

All the above can be segmented into two categories: 

1. Coffee Makers: Coffee Sock, Moka Pot, French Press, V60 dripper 

2. Without Coffee Makers: Drip Coffee Bag, instant coffee. 

In the following, we have prepared some videos on most of the said techniques and you can also click on them to read more about each coffee brewing method as well. 

How to make coffee with a coffee sock

One of the most popular coffee brewing methods in South East Asia, affectionately known as kopi in this region, folks usually used Robusta coffee beans while using coffee socks. 

How to make coffee with a Moka Pot (stovetop coffee maker)?

Most of us will associate the Moka pot with the Bialetti brand and the fact is, it is in fact invented by them! This remains one of the easiest ways to make coffee. 

How to make coffee with a French Press?

French press coffee maker is one of the most common household items, it is easy to use and the quality of coffee is acceptable. And the price for a french press remains affordable to all. 

How to make coffee with a V60

V60 coffee dripper (with the biggest brand being Hario) makes popular in recent years by the third wave coffee movement, the circular movement of getting the right immersion has many people buying and trying their hands on it. 

How to make coffee with a drip coffee bag

A drip coffee bag is a no-fuss, almost like instant coffee, but in this case, you are getting coffee from coffee grounds instead of instant coffee. 

How to make instant coffee

Still the most popular coffee options around (well, Nescafe is still the world largest coffee roaster, isn’t it?). There are plenty of options and the cost of each coffee is very manageable. 

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