To understand the coffee market in Singapore - look at online stats

If you want to learn about the coffee market in Singapore, you would want to gain insights into the search or the online consumption of your target audience. Why? Most people, before they buy (consume) the coffee pods or any speciality coffee, would consume the content first (read reviews, ratings, articles etc), so they (your customers) are all searching online. 

The usual way of gaining insights into the coffee industry in Singapore by reading secondary data on the sales figure is good but in our opinion, not enough, you are missing the critical components on what lead them to buy this coffee in the first place. 

In this particular session, we want to learn a few things from the coffee drinkers market data on their search intent, it is the closest you can get to the JTBD (here for more details about Jobs to be done). 

In this market research session, we will look at: 

1. The Online Market Size on a few selected search terms:

  • This will give you an indication of the potential market
  • This will also provide you with a picture of what is your potential audience searching for

2. We will also do insights into Your competitors:

  • To give you an insight into the keywords that they are already ranking for (so, you can choose to compete or not to compete for it) 
  • Their growth and their share of traffic 

3. The advertisements by your competitors: 

  • This will give you an insight into the amount that your competitors are spending, are spending more or less on digital marketing. 
  • What are the keywords they are buying and if they are buying any competitors’ brands? 

The tool that we used for to gather this insights: Free use of the Research Tool for 7 days

To look for articles similar to coffee market in Singapore, check out our home page, to request for specific coffee reports or have a chat with research, drop us a message below. 

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