Bunn commercial coffee maker
that saves you money!

What should a bunn commercial coffee maker comes with? In fact, what do we mean by the term -commercial or commercial grade. To break it down to the simplest term, it means heavy duty.

With that term, heavy duty, many of you might think that this bunn commercial coffee maker that we are going to highlight is going to be big, but it is actually not so. It is simply more durable, with features that are more comprehensive.

Personally, the Bunn My Cafe with commercial grade pour over coffee brewer, deserves this title. It comes with a commercial pod brewer, that many says is better than some commercial brewer.

Bunn My cafe pod brewer can also work with a wide variety of tea and coffee pods and even tea bags! It can take any standard sized coffee or tea pod with a 45 to 65 mm 7 inch cup clearance, which means it can take most major coffee suppliers' pods.

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It is also quite a speed demon, brewing coffee in less than 30 seconds. I chose it as the bunn commercial coffee maker mainly for its variety, not only in terms of the coffee pods that it can brew but also in the cups that users are able to select.

Bunn My cafe allows user to select your cup size from 4 to 12 ounces, this of course translate to a thicker or thinner coffee, and as highlighted earlier, you would get it in under one minute.

I think cleaning the coffee maker is major headache to all of us. So, when we shop, we tend to go for dishwasher safe. With this bunn commercial coffee maker , even the pod holder can be placed inside the dishwasher, practically relieving you of much washing after your coffee brewing.

The last thing which I like and I think is important is the 46 oz water reservoir. Don't you find it a chore to keep refilling your coffee maker? Although, this bunn commercial coffee maker has the removable easy fill reservoir, a bigger capacity still saves you the extra work right?

If you are thinking about the "save money" part, try thinking of the pilferage and wastage due to poor brewing associated with most drip coffee maker. Bunn MY Cafe being a single serve, and using pods that are all pre-measured, would not this issue. Moving along this line, it does have some cost savings right?

So, if you are looking for a Bunn coffee maker that has the heavy duty features and variety of a commercial coffee maker and can save you some dollars, you might want to check out Bunn My Cafe...

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