What Is A Flat White Coffee Drink?

Recognizing that coffee with milk was traditionally referred to as "white coffee," as well as the fact that the milk foam in this new concoction had been flattened, as a result of this, the "flat white" became popular.

Latte has been served with steamed milk on the side, topped with a thin layer of foamed milk. On the other hand, the Flat White is topped with an extremely thin layer of steamed milk that is 'flat' (hence the name), and nothing else is added to enhance the flavor.

This is a concentrated beverage with a stronger coffee flavor than a standard cup of Joe. Due to the fact that it contains two shots of espresso, it has the potential to be more caffeinated than a latte. The result is a delectable and satisfying beverage that combines the flavor and intensity of espresso with the rich mouthfeel of a dairy-based beverage.

These beverages are truly distinguished from one another by the method used to prepare the milk component, which varies between them. In comparison to flat whites, cappuccinos are made with a silky milk mixture and espresso to create a silky finish. A cappuccino is a cup of espresso and steamed milk that has been topped with a thick, frothy layer of foam.

Espresso preparation in your coffee machine requires approximately 35ml, which you should pour halfway into the bottom of your cup. To create foam on top of the milk, steam it with the steamer attachment until about 1-2cm of foam forms on the surface of the milk. Holding the jug approximately 3-4cm above the cup, slowly pour the milk into the cup, stirring constantly, until completely incorporated.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, a milk frother can be used to make an excellent flat white. Every cup of coffee, including flat whites, should have a thin layer of foam on top, and some milk frothers feature a steam function that quickly heats the milk required for a delectable flat white.

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By: Douglas

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