Keeping coffee in the freezer
or refrigerator?

Neither. Dry coffee will absorb the moist from the air inside the refrigerator and that will deteriorate the quality of the coffee.

Similarly, freezing your coffee does the same, unless it's freeze-dried. Freeze-drying dehydrates the coffee and thus allows it to maintain its freshness. 

Coffee should be kept in a dark, cool, moist-free environment. Do not buy grounded coffee. They will start to lose it’s quality within 15 minutes.

Buy freshly roasted and stored in a package with a one-way-valve, which will allow gasses to escape the package, and not let oxygen in.

Stuff on office coffee machines

How coffee machine suppliers can offer low or even no payment for most of the barista coffee machine rental

Looking for a office coffee machine with touch screen, then read more about these machines' technology. 

Do you know that the first office coffee service provider is also the world's largest coffee roaster? 

4 Common and Popular types of Office Coffee Machines 

By: Douglas

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