How to Make a Wet Cappuccino?

It's all about the proportions when it comes to coffee, much like many other menu items.

Cappuccino is a popular coffee drink originally from Italy, that was named after the Capuchin monks, whose light-brown robes were the same color as the drink itself. There is a layer of steamed milk on top of the coffee, as well as another layer of milk foam on top of the coffee in this double espresso beverage.

A basic cappuccino recipe calls for nearly equal amounts of espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk to be used in the preparation. However, as is the case with many other coffee beverages these days, there are several different types of cappuccino to choose from.

Served with strong espresso and a silky coating of foamed milk. In contrast, a dry cappuccino has less heated milk and more froth.

A "wet" beverage contains more steamed milk and is, therefore, creamier, whereas a "dry" beverage has more frothed milk and is, therefore, foamier yet. The bitterness of the espresso will be masked by the addition of extra steamed milk in a wet cappuccino, whereas a dry cappuccino will leave the bitterness more prominent.

Latte art, which isn't just for café lattes, may be added to both wet and dry cappuccinos. A "very wet" cappuccino is simply referred to as a latte because lattes are made with espresso and steamed milk.

  • Flavor
    Due to the increased proportion of steamed milk to espresso in this combination, the flavor profile will be more homogenized and sweeter.

    The liquid milk acts as a counterbalance to the espresso, softening the more bitter notes of a darker espresso shot but masking the flavors of a lighter, more nuanced roast.

  • Texture
    In order to produce more milk foam, you must first increase the amount of milk stretch. Essentially, what you're hearing is the barista steaming and stretching the milk in the coffee machine with a high-powered steam wand while rotating the milk. This process mixes air and heat into the cold milk, resulting in the creation of hot beverages. 

Wet cappuccinos contain less air than regular cappuccinos since they are made with hot milk rather than cold milk. Because of this, there are fewer bubbles and a smoother texture to the milk and espresso drink.

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By: Douglas

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