Do You Add Sugar to Cappuccino?

When it comes to drinking a cappuccino, most people think of it as a beverage that should only be enjoyed in the mornings. 

Drinking a cappuccino in the morning can provide an energy boost for the rest of the day because of the lactose and fat content in the milk.

A barista-made espresso drink with perfectly frothed coffee will have a richer flavor because of the addition of milk. Your cappuccino will be sweet enough without the need for sugar.

There should be a layer of froth on top of espresso drinks like cappuccinos and lattes.... The barista can add sugar (or honey or agave) to your latte, cappuccino or macchiato at the beginning if you're ordering from a cafe.

As evidenced by research, cappuccino has been shown to significantly lower the oxidation of bad cholesterol and hence prevent heart disease. Sugar-free also helps keep blood sugar levels in check by reducing the chance of a stroke by 20%. Additionally, it aids in the process of digestion.

Sugar's solubility (and kinetic energy) suggest it should be added before cold cream in your coffee. When making espresso-based drinks, any sweetener can be added before the milk.

Cappuccinos should have a foamy top. This foam often has colorful graphics. Adding sugar or syrup after the drink is constructed destroys a teaspoon of froth (and foam art). While it may not appear important, it has a significant impact on the beverage's flavor and texture. You may not care that the barista drew a lovely heart in foam. 

Sugar dissolves more quickly early in the drink-making process, making sugaring easier. If you're making your own espresso at home, add the sweetener first.

When made with whole milk, a cappuccino has about 165 calories; when made with skim milk, it has 96 calories.

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By: Douglas

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