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Free Burgers, Free Coffee, Free coffee Machine -this is the Free Issue
June 09, 2011

How are you folks? Hope you are all doing well holding a great cuppa in your hand. Here is what you can expect in this issue:

1. Join us for a very simple coffee survey and enjoy a set of free burgers (limited to certain location, please read T&C).

2. Tie up with Mars Inc to offer free coffee and free coffee machine (more on it at About Coffee Makers)

3. Started a cafe channel for folks that run cafes and is looking for a place to promote their cafes

4. As always, still negotiating for more freebies and promotions for You our readers

We promised and we deliver

In our last issue, we promised more freebies and treats. In this issue, we deliver it. Join our coffee survey and we would send you a set of burger vouchers worth more than $10.

However, this is currently restricted to certain location, please read the terms and conditions for more details. You can of course join the coffee survey and we would send you the report for you to share and chit chat with your friends.

Here is the link: Free Freshness Burgers

About coffee makers

For this issue, we are focusing on office coffee machines, in fact Free coffee machine.

We have tied up with Mars Inc and Warburg to allow offices to try out their new Flavia coffee machine, Alterra Coffee, Bright Tea Co. and Dove Chocolate.

For more information on how to get the free coffee machine placement, do check out this link:

Office Coffee free for a Month

About Coffee Business

This is the section that used to be coffee news, other than renaming it, we would be sharing tools that one can use if they are running their coffee shops or cafe.

Coffee News

A machine for the babies too?

A new tiny coffee friend -CBB5

Mcdonald say they have bad coffee, why?

More news here

Useful Tools

During our soft launch, we have more than a dozen entries to promote their cafe and coffee shops. If you have a coffee business, or coffee shops, and is looking for an avenue to promote it, check out this link:

It would be shared on all our platforms and be syndicated to more than 100 000 connections.

Free Marketing for your cafe

And if you are looking for a fuss free way to run your cafe and coffee shop, to check out our OCM package, the content inside should be useful for you.

Check it out here: Fuss Free marketing for your cafe

Coming Soon

There would be more freebies and promotions coming, so stay with us, enjoy the content and hopefully you would enjoy the freebies and treats that we have arrange for you.

Look forward to more information in our ezine or facebook.

In addition, we would be launching a few new products for coffee shops or cafe owners, so folks that are interested, keep peeled or you can contact us for more information if you really cannot wait!;0

Connect with us

Yes, we admit, the ezine can be slow at times. Sometimes, only 1 issue every two months. And for those that cannot wait to be updated via our ezine.

Please connect with us on our two newest channels:

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